Preventing False Alarms at Commercial Locations

False alarms can be expensive and disruptive, and we want to help you decrease the chance that you’ll experience one at your place of business.

The most frequently cited causes of false alarms at commercial locations are:

  • Opening the door and forgetting to disarm the Alarm.
  • Not answering the phone when the monitoring center calls.
  • Not remembering the verbal password.

In order to reduce the number of false alarms at your place of business we recommend that you and all emergency contacts follow these steps:

  • Add the Ring Monitoring Center 833-209-2159 to your phone as a contact
  • Give the Ring Monitoring Center contact a unique ringtone so you never miss a call
  • Check in with your emergency contacts often to make sure that they remember the verbal password in case the monitoring center calls. 
  • Please make sure that anyone who works at your business knows that there is a Ring Alarm system, and can arm and disarm it using a Keypad and/or Ring app. 

Remember, if your emergency contacts forget the verbal password, the monitoring center will not give them any indication that they got it wrong, and will instead dispatch emergency services or call other emergency contacts. Practicing the verbal password will help ensure that your contacts remember it and have the ability to cancel false alarms whenever needed. 

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