Giving Employees Shared User and Guest User Access

As the Ring account Owner, you can give your employees access to your Ring Alarm as either Shared Users and Guest Users. Shared and Guest Users have different access and privileges. 

This chart compares the types of Ring Users:


You will need to decide whether to make each employee a Guest or Shared User on a case-by-case basis, depending on whether or not the employee:

  • Has a smartphone and can use the Ring app
  • Needs access beyond simply arming and disarming
  • Should get alerts and notifications
  • Needs access to cameras, video doorbells, and locks
  • Needs to arm and disarm when away from the business

Shared Users can arm and disarm via the Ring app both at the office and during non-work hours, from anywhere. Shared Users can also access the Alarm, smart locks, and cameras if you choose to grant access using the Ring app. (if you choose). 

Guest Users can only arm and disarm using the Keypad located at your business. They have no access to the app, cannot view cameras, and cannot arm or disarm remotely. 

When giving employees access to your Ring Alarm, please remember:

  • Each employee should have a unique access code so you can track who is arming and disarming and when they do it.
  • Shared Users can receive emails and push notifications triggered by your Ring Alarm. Each app user can adjust these settings based on their preferences using their own app. Any changes will not impact other Shared Users or the Owner. Alarming alerts cannot be turned off. 

What if an employee leaves your business?

If an employee leaves your business, as the Ring account owner you will need to delete the employee’s Shared User or Guest User access within the app. 

  • If you are enrolled in professional monitoring and this employee is listed as an emergency contact, please update this contact to someone else who is still available to help manage your business’ security needs.
  • If this employee knows your verbal password, change it and inform all other emergency contacts of the new verbal password.

Click here for more information on Shared and Guest Users access.


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