What is the Permit Application Process?

A permit application is a paper or online form used to register an alarm system or apply for an alarm permit.

In many neighborhoods and cities across the US and Canada, neighbors with professional monitoring are required to register their Ring Alarm with the local municipal office. This registration is sometimes called a permit, and each local office will have its own application process.

Understanding your local permit laws

Every jurisdiction has different laws and rules for owning and operating a residential or commercial alarm system. To ensure that residents and businesses are able to comply with these laws, municipalities publish these laws online on a government or police department website.

As the alarm owner, it’s your responsibility to know your local alarm laws.

  • If you live in the US or Canada (excluding Quebec) and have signed up for professional monitoring with Ring Alarm, we will send you an email with a link to your local alarm ordinances if a permit or registration is needed.
  • If you have not yet signed up for professional monitoring, you can do an internet search and find your local laws. You can also call your local government offices for more information.
  • If you have a permit with a different alarm system and switch to Ring Alarm, please let the Ring Permit Team know so they can on your permit and avoid duplication.
  • If you move, you will need to apply for a new permit.
  • If you add a Smoke & CO Listener or the First Alert Smoke/CO Alarm, you may need a permit for fire monitoring. Your alarm permit may cover this, or you may need a separate permit, depending on local laws. (Note: Ring cannot provide smoke or CO monitoring for businesses.)

Note: If you don’t get a permit, you may end up paying expensive fees or fines for having an unregistered alarm. In some locations, authorities will not dispatch emergency responders to your address without a permit.


Getting the permit application

In order to get a permit for your Ring Alarm, you’ll need to fill out an application. This will usually be either an online form on a website that you fill out and submit, or it may be a PDF file that you download, print, fill out, and mail into the office. In some instances, you may need to call a local municipal office and ask them to send you a form in the mail.

In some instances, local jurisdictions require that Ring Alarm requests the form and fills out the form on your behalf. In these instances, we will take care of the application for you, and update you throughout the process.

Filling out the permit application

Your alarm permit or registration form will ask for specific pieces of information. These forms will almost always ask for the property owner’s name and address, but each form is unique.

If Ring is filling out the application on your behalf, we will use the information you provided us with during account setup for permit form. If we need additional information, we will reach out to you and ask for it.

Your alarm system registration or permit form may ask for the following pieces of information:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your address
  • The names and phone numbers of your emergency contacts
  • Information about the Alarm Company/Provider

Ring Protect Inc., 1523 26th St., Santa Monica, CA, 90404
(800) 656-1918

  • Ring License number, which can be found at Ring.com/licenses
  • Central Monitoring Station information

For details about our central monitoring service, please contact Ring Support.

Permit fees

Your town, city, county, or other jurisdiction may charge a permit fee. Alarm registration or permit fees vary in amount and frequency. In some areas, the fee is only charged once, while in other areas, it may be assessed every year when you renew the permit. You should be able to find the specific fee requirements for your area on the on the permit form or listed within your local alarm permit ordinances.  

Submitting the application

If you are obtaining your own permit, you can follow the directions on the permit form or website and submit the permit form with any permit fees, if required. In a few locations, you may be required to submit the form at a local municipal office, in person.

If Ring is obtaining the permit on your behalf, we may need your signature on the form. Ring will mail the completed permit form to you with a stamped envelope so you can return the signed form to us. Please follow the directions, sign the permit application, and mail it back to us right away.

Getting the permit

Every jurisdiction handles permit processing differently.

  • You may get a physical alarm permit in the mail.
  • You may get an email confirming that your permit has been processed and is on file.
  • You may not receive anything.

If you receive a confirmation of a permit, and it contains a permit number and an expiration date, you will need to add it to your Ring account. Simply open your Ring app, go to “Monitoring Settings”, and add your permit information.  If you do not receive a confirmation or a permit number, you can leave these fields blank on your Ring account.

(Sometimes the monitoring center needs to provide this in order to dispatch local authorities.)

A few more things to note

  • If you move, you may need to reapply for a permit in your new local area.
  • If you obtained a business alarm permit previously for a different alarm system, please email the permit team and let us know to avoid duplication.

Fire monitoring permits

If you add a smoke or CO monitoring device to your residential Ring Alarm, you may also need to get a fire monitoring permit depending on where you live. (Note: In some jurisdictions, there may be one permit application for both alarm and smoke/CO monitoring.)

Keep an eye out for an email from Ring with details, and the application process is similar to an alarm.

Ring Alarm can not be used to provide professional smoke/CO monitoring at commercial locations. To learn more, click here.


Professional monitoring licenses are available at: ring.com/licenses.

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