Peephole Cam (Door View Cam) Flashing Light Patterns

Your Ring Peephole Cam (Door View Cam) has an LED light located on the front to show you the status of your unit. The meaning of the light flashes is in the chart below:

Activity Flashing Light Pattern Flashing Light Image
Ordinary Button Press LEDs around the button spin blue pressed.gif
Attempting to set up wifi, waiting for you to enter for credentials LEDs around the button spin white setup_doorbell_pro_ap.gif
In the process of connecting to network during setup Blue light moving upwards setup_doorbell_pro_connecting.gif
Firmware update in progress White light flashing over and over again setup_doorbell_pro_ota.gif
Peephole Cam (Door View Cam) is booting up Blue circle is flashing, one second on, one second off boot.gif      
The speaker has been enabled Solid blue light setup_doorbell_pro_engaged.png
You've successfully set up the Peephole Cam (Door View Cam) 
Four LEDS flash four times doorbell_pro_successful_setup.gif
Setup failed - password error Flashing white light at the top of the circle setup_doorbell_pro_fail_top.gif
Setup Failed - couldn't connect to network Flashing white light at the right of the circle setup_doorbell_pro_fail_right.gif
Failed setup -- another reason Flashing white light at the left of the circle setup_doorbell_pro_fail_left.gif
Factory restore Short rapid flashing burst of blue light, then a spinning white circle ezgif-4-02017b2be346.gif

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