Using the SOS Button in the Ring App

When seconds count, neighbors signed up for professional monitoring through a Ring Protect plan can use the always available SOS button to request immediate assistance from both the app dashboard and Live View.

This article will answer commonly asked questions concerning the SOS button in the Ring app.

What is the SOS button?

The SOS button is an icon within the Ring app that offers those with professional monitoring an additional way to request immediate assistance in an emergency situation. The SOS button is a shield-shaped icon on both the app dashboard and within the Live View that, when tapped, allows you to:

  • Request immediate police or fire department dispatch to your home in an emergency.
  • Sound the siren as a deterrent if you see any suspicious activity, without requesting dispatch

What happens when I use the SOS button?

Using the SOS feature will sound the Ring Alarm siren and send an immediate signal to the monitoring center requesting dispatch of local authorities. The monitoring center will call your first emergency contact, and if the call is answered, the contact can either confirm the emergency or cancel the request. If no one answers, the monitoring center will dispatch the police or fire department, depending on which SOS slider you selected. After requesting emergency help, the monitoring center will call your other emergency contacts.

Please note that an SOS signal can only be canceled by answering the first call. If the call is not answered, canceling SOS using the app will not cancel the request for police or fire responders.

How do I use the SOS button?

To use SOS:

  • From the dashboard or Live View, tap the red SOS icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
    • To request police or fire dispatch, slide the police or fire department icon from left to right.
    • To sound the siren, tap the blue Sound Siren Only button.
  • The screen will display a five-second countdown. You can cancel the request for help within these 5 seconds.
  • After five seconds, the Ring Alarm siren will sound. The screen displays a message notifying you that help has been requested.

If I use the SOS button can I then cancel the emergency dispatch?

No. SOS is intended to be used only in true emergencies, and after the five-second countdown, you will not be able to cancel a request for immediate dispatch that is made through SOS.

Can I use the SOS button if I only have the Ring Protect Basic plan or no plan at all?

No. The SOS button functionality is only available to neighbors who have signed up for the Ring Protect plan.

Click here for more information on the Ring Protect Plan.

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