Rapid Ring App Information

The free Rapid Ring app, developed by Ring, is a companion to the original Ring app that allows for a faster response to notifications or to enable a Live View faster. You can use the Ring app and Rapid Ring app in conjunction with one another and don't have to worry about interference. You can download the free Rapid Ring app at the App store (iOS - Apple) or Google Play store (Android) and use the same email address and password that you use for your regular Ring app.  

Where is the Rapid Ring App available?
The Rapid Ring app is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Languages that are supported are English, Spanish, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. 

Does the Rapid Ring app replace the original Ring app?
No. Think of the Rapid Ring app as a companion to the Ring app. You'll continue to use your original Ring app for all of the powerful functions built into your Ring devices such as checking videos or changing settings. You'll use the Rapid Ring app to answer notifications as quickly as possible.

Will I be able to speak with people through the Live View the way I can with the original app?
Yes. All of the same communication functions that are in the original Ring app are in the Rapid Ring app with the additional benefit of being able to get to those functions much faster.

Does this mean that Live View and other communication features are being removed from the original app?
No. If you're happy with the response time and performance of the original app, then by all means, keep using it! The Rapid Ring app is simply designed to allow people to access certain functions faster.

Why don't I get notifications from the original Ring app when I turn on notifications from the Rapid Ring app?
Toggling notifications "on" for a specific device in the Rapid Ring app will turn "off" notifications for that device in the original Ring app. That means, you'll be getting your notifications faster through the Rapid Ring app. However, you can always control or change the notification settings in the Rapid Ring app or the Ring app. 

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