Installing the Ring Peephole Cam (Door View Cam)

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Setting up your Ring Peephole Cam is simple. Scroll down for our step-by-step guide.


Charge the battery

  • First, fully charge the battery. Find it in the Peephole Cam tray, along with the adapter and tightening nut.
  • Plug it into a USB port using the provided orange cable (located underneath your Peephole Key).
  • The battery is fully charged when just one LED is lit (note that this may take several hours).


Clean up paint

  • You may have to remove excess paint to unscrew your peephole.
  • Check for paint on or around your peephole, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Use the toothed edge of the Peephole Key to carefully remove paint covering the edges or slots.


Remove the indoor half of the peephole

  • On the indoor side, place the flat edge of the Peephole Key into the slots on your peephole and rotate counter-clockwise to unscrew it.
  • Once it's loose enough, you can use your fingers to finish unscrewing it and remove it completely.

Note: You may have to secure the outdoor side of the peephole while unscrewing the indoor portion to keep it from spinning.



Remove the outdoor half of the peephole

  • With the indoor side removed, the outdoor portions should slide right out. 
  • In the event that it doesn’t, check for paint or other obstructions around the lens.
  • If this isn't your forever home, consider storing the peephole in a safe place in case you have to reinstall it one day.


Install the Peephole Cam outdoor assembly

  • From the front side of your door, insert the tube through the hole until your Peephole Cam is flush with the door. 
  • Once inserted, head inside and remove the tape from the end of the tube, if present.

Note: The device ships with a thin plastic sticker over the doorbell button on the outdoor assembly to prevent scratching during shipping. This film needs to be removed for motion detection and knock detection to work correctly. 


Check to see if you need the included adapter

The adapter is needed if you have a larger peep hole opening. To see if you need it: 

  • Remove the adapter from the Peephole Kit tray and from the indoor side, place the adapter over the tube and cable, then slide it towards the hole.
  • If it does not slide in easily, don't force it through. You won't need the adapter.
  • If it does slide in easily, insert the adapter until the rim is flush with your door.

Note: You may have to hold the outdoor assembly in place to keep it from falling out. If you've got a wide door, grab a partner.

Remove the rear cover

  • Grasp the thin edge of the indoor assembly body, and pinch the cover at the indentations.
  • Pull the body and cover apart. Set aside the cover for now.

 Put the Peephole Cam indoor assembly in place

  • Next, carefully slide the indoor assembly onto the tube until it’s flush with your door, making sure the outdoor assembly isn’t pushed out the other side.

Note: You may have to hold the outdoor assembly in place to keep it from falling out. If you've got a wide door, grab a partner.

Remove the connector cable 

  • We tucked it into the tube for safe travels, now it's time to take it out.
  • Grasp either side of the exposed tab and delicately draw it out of the tube until there's no more slack left.  

Note: Be careful when removing the cable to avoid damaging it. If the cable is damaged click here for information on replacing it.

Join the indoor and outdoor Peephole Cam assemblies

  • With the cable out of the way, place the tightening nut from the Peephole Kit tray over the tube and into the hole. 
  • Using either the Peephole Key or your fingers, twist clockwise and tighten firmly to make sure your Peephole Cam doesn't rotate freely.
  • Once secure, check the outdoor assembly, It may shift slightly while tightening, so make sure it's level.

Plug in the connector

  • Gently pull the cable taut, then press the connector into the port on the indoor assembly.

Secure the cable

  • Guide the tab with the arrow into the channel and slide it down to secure the remaining slack in the cable.

Insert the battery

  • Slide the charged battery into the bottom of your Peephole Cam until it clicks into place. Don't put the cover back on just yet!

Complete setup in the Ring App 

In the Ring App, select Set up a device and follow the in-app instructions.

Once Setup is complete, place the cover back on your Peephole Cam.

Click here for more information on setting up your Peephole Cam in the Ring App.



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