Keypad Help & FAQs


Ring Alarm Keypad - Setup and Use

Setting Entry and Exit Delay

Troubleshooting your Ring Alarm Keypad (1st generation)

Troubleshooting your Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd generation)

Updating the Firmware on your Keypad (1st generation)

Keypad (1st generation) light patterns explained

Arming, Disarming, and Setting Modes on your Ring Alarm

Arming and Disarming - Bypassing Devices

Understanding and Setting Up Your Devices in the Ring App

Adding Shared and Guest Users to your Ring Alarm

Ring for Business - Adding employees as Shared and Guest Users

Where to place Your Ring Alarm devices

Preventing False Alarms

Amazon Echo Integration With Ring Devices through Amazon Alexa

Arming and Disarming Your Alarm with Alexa

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