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Key by Amazon allows you to be key-free by putting security, convenience, and control in the hands of home and business owners. Ring customers can lock and unlock their Key-compatible smart locks directly from the live feed of their camera in the Ring app. So, for example, when the dog sitter arrives and chimes your Ring Video Doorbell, you can pull up the live feed, verify it’s your sitter, and unlock your Yale, Kwikset, or Schlage lock with the push of a button right in the Ring app.

This article will give you basic information on the Key by Amazon integration with Ring.

Where can I find Amazon’s support page for Key by Amazon and in-home deliveries?
The support page for Key by Amazon can be found by visiting:

Where can I find the Quick Start Guides for Key-compatible locks?
The quick start guides for Key Smart Lock Kit locks can be found by visiting:

What can I do with Key in the Ring app?

After linking your Ring doorbell/camera with Key lock in the Ring app, you will be able to lock and unlock your door directly from the Ring app live view. You can also manage this functionality in your Key lock settings in your doorbell/camera dashboard.

What functionality is available in the Ring app and Key app respectively?

The Key app allows you:

  • Secure, convenient control over access to your home.
  • To let into your home friends and family who arrived a little early
  • Set a schedule for dog sitters and house guests
  • Assign one-time pins to apartment cleaners and maintenance technicians
  • Receive packages from Amazon.

The Ring app allows you to monitor your home via your Ring cameras no matter where you are, and lock/unlock your Key-compatible smart lock.

I currently own a Ring Video Doorbell / camera. How do I get started with Key?

To get started with Key, follow these instructions:

  • Open your Ring app
  • Tap Set Up Device.
  • Tap Locks
  • Tap Connect via Key by Amazon.

Then follow the in-app instructions.

If you are new to Key, then you will need to set up your lock using the Key app before enabling this functionality.

I'm an existing Key customer. Will my locks work with this feature?

Yes, you can link any/all of your existing Key-compatible smart locks with your Ring device via the  Ring app.

Will I see the Ring video feed in the Key app, like I see the Cloud Cam feed?

Not at this time.

Will enabling Key locks automatically enable Amazon in-home delivery?

No, in-home delivery is an opt-in feature you can control at any time in the Key app. Additionally, you need to have an Amazon Cloud Cam(Key edition) for in-home delivery.

Do I need an Amazon Cloud Cam to lock/unlock my Key lock in the Ring app?

It depends on which Key-compatible lock you use. All but one, the new Schlage Encode Wi-Fi Smart Lock, require a Cloud Cam as part of the Key Smart Lock Kit.

Which smart locks can I use with Key?

You can use any Key-compatible smart locks. There are a range of options from Schlage, Kwikset, and Yale at

What if I am having trouble with the lock hardware itself?
Please reach out to the lock manufacturer for support.

Does Key work with my Ring Alarm?

Not at this time.

Is the live view lock/unlock functionality available for locks on-boarded via Ring Alarm?

Not at this time.

Is the live view lock/unlock functionality available for locks on-boarded via Schlage app?

Not at this time.

Can I use Alexa to lock/unlock my Key-compatible smart lock?

Yes. Enable the Key skill in your Alexa app. Then you can lock your Key-compatible smart lock (“Alexa, lock the [lock name]”) and unlock your Key-compatible smart lock (“Alexa, unlock the [lock name]” - this will require you to set up a four-digit voice code.


Can I create codes for my Key lock in the Ring App?
Not at this time.

Can I share my Key locks access with Ring shared accounts?

Not at this time.      

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