Ring Doorbell and Security Camera Moving Guidelines


If you’re moving and want to remove your Ring doorbell or security camera, be sure to turn off power at the circuit breaker before you begin uninstalling the devices and working with electrical wiring. Place any hardware that you remove in a plastic bag and tape it to the device, or put it back in the original box, so it will be handy at your new home.

How to Remove a Ring Doorbell or Ring Doorbell Cover

You may need the doorbell screwdriver that came in the box with your doorbell to remove the security screw that holds the cover (faceplate) in place. If you lost the Ring video doorbell screwdriver, you can get one in a Spare Parts Kit on Ring.com. The Spare Parts Kits includes a screwdriver, mounting bracket, security screws and other parts you may need. First, determine what Ring Video Doorbell you have so you can get the right accessories.

When to Uninstall your Ring Video Doorbell or Security Camera

Consider when you want to uninstall your Ring video doorbell or security cameras for security purposes, even if you're not living at the home. If you have a Ring Protect Plan and want to continue receiving videos, you'll need to keep your wifi service connected. Your Ring Protect Plan will not be automatically cancelled, even if you uninstall your Ring video doorbell or security camera. You must cancel your subscription plan in your Ring account, but be sure to download any videos you want before you cancel your plan.

Reinstalling Ring Devices at a New Home (Location)

You do not need to create a new location to set up your Ring doorbell or security camera at a new address.

Open the Ring app:

  • Tap the three lines at the top left
  • Tap Settings
  • Update your previous address to your new address
    • Tap Continue
    • Confirm your new address
  • Tap the three lines on the top left again
  • Tap Devices
    • Tap the specific device you want to set up
    • Be sure to have the name of your new wifi network and password handy
  • Tap Device Health
  • Tap Reconnect to Wi-Fi
    • Once you’re reconnected to wifi, check Motion Settings and Motion Schedules to make sure they're customized for your new home.
      • From the Device Health screen tap the arrow at the top left
      • Tap Motion Settings
      • Adjust your Motion Settings accordingly

Repeat the process for each Ring doorbell or security camera that you are reinstalling.


If you have trouble connecting to the Ring Wi-Fi network, which is a temporary access point, you can use some troubleshooting steps.

Leaving Ring Video Doorbells or Security Cameras Behind When You're Moving

If you want to transfer a Ring device to a new owner, you must remove the Ring doorbell or security camera from your account to transfer ownership. Deleting the Ring app, or canceling the Ring Protect Plan, does not automatically release ownership of the device. Make sure to download any videos you might want before you remove the device from your account. Once you’ve removed the device from your account, your wifi network will be automatically disconnected and the device is no longer connected to you, or your account.

If you left Ring devices at your previous address, the new owner must download the Ring app, create their own account and reinstall the devices on the new account using their mobile device.

How to Cancel Your Ring Protect Plan if You’re Moving

To cancel your Ring Protect subscription, you need to log into your Ring account.

  • Use the same email and password credentials that you use to log into the Ring app.
  • You cannot cancel your Ring Protect Plan from inside the Ring app. You must go to ring.com.
  • At any point when you do reinstall a Ring device, you'll have to sign up for a Ring Protect Plan again if you have cancelled your previous plan.

Device Ownership

The person that initially set up the Ring device in the Ring app is considered the device owner. The device owner is the only person that can cancel the Ring Protect plan. Shared Users cannot cancel a Ring Protect Plan.

Registered to the Another Owner Message During First Time Setup

When you try to set up a device that's registered to a previous owner, an automatic email will be generated to the previous owner encouraging them to remove the Ring device from their account. This email delivery is immediate, but it can take the previous owners some time before removing the device. You can follow the prompts in the Ring app to get ownership of the Ring doorbell or security camera.

Note: Make sure you have the most recent version of the Ring app, or you may not see the option to initiate the transfer.

If you purchased a Ring device from a private party or retailer and cannot set up that device because it already has an owner, first try to get in contact with the seller or return it to the retailer.

Device Registered to Another Owner Message When You Are the Owner 

If you try to set up a device that you had at a previous address and you get a notification that the device is registered to another owner, check with other members of your household. The person that initially set up the device is established as the device owner. In order for you to set up the Ring device on your account, the device needs to be removed from the other person’s account.

How to Remove a Ring Doorbell or Security Camera from a Previous Owner That You Know or is in your Household

In the Ring app, the device owner should:

  • Tap the three lines on the top left
  • Tap Devices
    • Tap the device that needs to be removed
  • Tap Device Settings
  • Tap General Settings
  • Tap Remove This Device

Important: Deleting the Ring app from a mobile device or canceling the Ring Protect Plan, does not release ownership. If someone has deleted the Ring app, but needs to Remove a Device, they can download the Ring app again, log in with the same email and password they previously used, go through the account verification process and then follow the steps listed above to relinquish ownership.

Note: You can also use this process to remove Ring doorbells and security cameras that you may have owned and replaced or discarded.

How to Delete Your Previous Address (Location) from the Ring app

If you are not installing any Ring devices at your new location and want to delete your previous location:

  • Open the Ring app
  • Tap the three lines on the top left
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Delete Location
    • You may need to scroll to see the red trash can icon at the bottom of the screen.

If Previous Owner of Ring Device is Deceased

If the previous owner of the device is deceased, Ring Customer Support can help you transfer ownership of the account.



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