Setting Up and Installing your Floodlight Wired

Setting up and installing your Floodlight Wired is a very simple process. Scroll down for a step-by-step guide.

Before you start

  • If there is an update available for your Ring App, please update it before you begin.   
  • You will need to have a Ring Bridge installed and set up in order to connect your Spotlight to the Ring App and the rest of your Ring devices.

Click here for information on setting up a Ring Bridge.

Click here for general information on the Ring Bridge.

Safety warnings

There is always a risk of electrical shock when working with wires. When installing your Floodlight Wired:

  • Be sure to disconnect power at the fuse or circuit breaker before installing.
  • Verify that the supply voltage is correct. Connect the fixture to a 100 VAC 50/60 Hz power source.
  • Properly ground your Floodlight Wired.
  • Always follow code standards when installing wired connections.
  • Do not install near combustible or flammable surfaces.
  • Floodlight Wired must be installed on a UL listed weatherproof electrical box.
Step One - Attach the mounting bracket


To attach the mounting bracket:

  • With the power turned off at the breaker, attach the ground wire from your home to the ground screw inside your electrical box.
  • Screw the mounting bracket into your electrical box using two of the included screws.
    • Note: There are several sizes of screw inside Bag A. You may have to experiment with them to find the ones that fit.
Step Two - Secure the mounting plate


To secure the mounting plate:

  • Attach the included adhesive foam gasket to the rear of the mounting plate.
  • Pull the wires from your home through the hole in the mounting plate.
  • Center the mounting plate over the mounting bracket and secure it with one of the included long screws.
Step Three - Hang it up


Use the provided hook to hang your Floodlight from its mounting plate to make wiring easier.

Put one end of the hook into one of the mounting holes on your Floodlight, and the other into the slot on the mounting plate.

Step Four - Connect the power wires


To connect the power wires:

  • Use an included wire nut to connect the white wire from your Floodlight to the white (neutral) wire coming from your electrical box.
  • Connect the black wire from your Floodlight to the black (hot) wire from your electrical box using another wire nut.
Step Five - Mount your Floodlight


Slide your Floodlight over the posts on the mounting plate, then secure it with two of the included short screws.

Once your Floodlight is mounted, feel free to switch power back on at the breaker.

Step Six - Set up your Floodlight in the Ring App


Open the side menu by tapping the three parallel lines in the upper left-hand side of the screen.

  • Tap "Set Up a Device."
  • Select Device location.
  • Tap "Smartlight."
  • Tap "Floodlight Wired."
  • Tap "Add Device."
  • Tap "Ready."
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