Arming or Disarming Your Ring Alarm with your Smart Lock

Ring’s Smart Lock Integration has the ability to arm or disarm your Ring Alarm straight from your Ring-compatible Z-Wave smart lock. Once installed and set up, in addition to being able to lock and unlock your doors through your Ring app, you’ll also be able to arm and disarm your Alarm as soon as you leave or arrive simply by locking or unlocking your door. The following article answers frequently asked questions about using your smart lock to arm or disarm your Ring Alarm.

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What are the benefits of using my Z-Wave smart locks to arm or disarm Ring Alarm?

Integrating your smart locks with Ring Alarm has many benefits that expand your “ring of security”. The arming feature can keep you from forgetting to arm the Alarm when you leave the house. The disarming feature can cut down on the number of false alarms by disarming the Ring Alarm as soon as you arrive home.

How do the Lock and Unlock features work?

Once you have linked your smart lock with the Ring Alarm system and set up the arm and disarm functions, it’s very simple to arm or disarm your Ring Alarm. Simply enter the four-digit code you selected on your lock’s keypad and your Alarm system will arm when your door lock and disarm as soon as your door unlocks.

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Will unlocking my smart lock while using this feature disarm my Alarm in both Home and Away modes?

Yes. Unlocking your lock using this feature will disarm your Alarm system regardless of the mode it is in at the time.

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Do I have to use the same arm and disarm codes at the smart lock that I use on my Ring Alarm keypad?

Yes. Only codes created in the Ring app will work with this feature. Any codes created within the smart lock itself will not work with this feature.

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Will all of my smart locks lock or unlock when I use this function?

No. Only the specific lock you lock or unlock with your code will unlock.

Does it cost anything to integrate my smart locks with Ring Alarm or to activate this feature?

No. Pairing your smart locks with Ring Alarm and adding this feature is completely free. Please make sure your Ring app is updated to complete this process. If you already have a compatible Z-Wave smart lock installed in your home, you will be able to add it to your Ring Alarm at no cost and immediately implement this feature.

What locks are compatible with Ring Alarm?

Ring Alarm currently supports more than 35 Z-Wave locks from Schlage, Kwikset, and Yale. Ring is currently working on adding more locks to that list and will update neighbors on the Website and the Add Device section of the Ring app as they become available.

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Where is this function available?

Smart lock integrations are currently only available in the United States and Canada. As Ring Alarm becomes available in other countries, smart lock integrations will become available in accordance with each country’s specific regulations. The Ring website will be updated as soon as Ring Alarm becomes available in your area.  

Will my device history show that this function has been used?

Yes. Your device history will show that a code was used to lock or unlock the door and arm or disarm the system along with which lock was used to do so.

How do I set up this function in my Ring App?

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Can Shared Users use this function to unlock a lock and disarm the system?

Yes. If a Shared User knows the four-digit access code, and the Unlock to Disarm feature is enabled, he or she can use it on the smart lock. Shared Users do not, however, have the ability to set up or make any changes to this function on the Ring app.

Will I receive notification if someone uses the Unlock to Disarm or attempts to tamper with the lock?

Yes. Your Ring app can send you notifications any time the disarm code is used to open the lock and disarm the system. You will also receive notifications when anyone attempts to tamper with the lock, if the lock malfunctions, if the lock jams, or if the feature is offline.

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