Ring Peephole Cam Information

The Ring Peephole Cam, is weather-resistant smart video doorbell with knock detection, designed for interior or exterior doors that:

  1. Already have a peephole
  2. Do not have a screen door, glass door or metal door in front of them

Can I use the Peephole Cam if I have a screen door, metal door or storm door?

Peephole Cam is not recommended for doors with a glass storm door, metal or screen door in front of them.

Doors that close in front of Peephole Cam, like screens and storm doors will have an impact on Peephole Cam's functionality. Glass doors cause reflections back into the camera, obstructing its view. Metal and mesh screens may partially or fully obstruct the camera's view and interfere with wifi Most outer doors, regardless of whether they are glass or metal will prevent motion from being detected by Peephole Cam until the outer door is opened.

If you have a glass door in front of your Peephole Cam, you can adjust the video settings using the instructions below to decrease reflections, but you may still have distorted videos (if you have a Ring Protect plan). 




How do I charge the battery, and how long does it take?
Your Ring Peephole Cam uses Ring’s Quick Release Battery Pack, which is charged using a common micro-USB cable (an orange one is included in your Ring box). Your Ring app will tell you when your battery is low. If your Peephole Cam is brand new, it will need 6-8 hours to charge. 

Is the Ring Peephole Cam compatible with Alexa devices?
Yes. The Ring Peephole cam is completely compatible with Alexa devices. You can hear door chimes, use Live View, and carry on conversations via Fire TV, Echo Show, Echo Spot, or Alexa-enabled tablets.

Do I need to be subscribed to the Ring Protect Plan in order to use the Ring Peephole Cam?
No. You do not need to be subscribed to the Ring Protect Plan to use the video features of the doorbell. You will need to be subscribed, however, in order to have access to the event recordings that your doorbell records.

Learn more about the Ring Protect Plan.





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