Ring Alarm System Unavailable in Quebec

As of October 26, 2018, the Ring Alarm and it’s professional monitoring services are available in all provinces in Canada except Quebec. The following article answers many of the frequently asked questions about Ring Alarm and Ring services in Quebec.

Is the Ring Alarm available in Quebec?

No. The Ring Alarm product is not currently available in Quebec. Quebec neighbors can, however, purchase a Ring Protect plan for other Ring products in Quebec with all of the benefits except professional monitoring services. At this time Ring is unable to offer professional monitoring in Quebec.

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Is Ring Customer Support available in Quebec?

Yes. Except for professional monitoring, all other benefits and services from Ring are available with the purchase and self-monitoring of a Ring Alarm including full Customer Support. 

What is professional monitoring?

Home security systems can be monitored in two different ways. The first is "self-monitoring." When self-monitored, your Ring Alarm will monitor all of your sensors and motion detectors as usual and in the case that they are tripped, will sound an alarm and send all users a notification. There is no professional monitoring or dispatch. Users will have to decide how to react to any sort of alarm and, if necessary, alert authorities.

The other way to monitor your system is through professional monitoring. Being professionally monitored means that a professional monitoring center is actively watching for alarm signals from your home. If your Ring Alarm is set off, the monitoring center will call you to make sure everything is OK. If it isn't - if you or any of your emergency contacts don't answer the phone or provide an incorrect Verbal Password - they'll dispatch emergency responders to your address.

At this time, professional monitoring is unavailable in Quebec.

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Is Ring working to make professional monitoring available in Quebec?

Not at this time.

Do I need a license or permit for Ring Alarm in Quebec even if it doesn't use professional monitoring?

Just as in the rest of Canada, the permit requirements in Quebec will vary from town to town. Some may require a permit for a Ring Alarm even if it's self-monitored. The best way to find out what the requirements are in your area is to reach out to local law enforcement or your municipal government.

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