Ring Alarm System Unavailable in Quebec

Ring Alarm and professional monitoring are available in all provinces in Canada except Quebec. The following article answers many of the frequently asked questions about Ring Alarm and Ring services in Quebec.

Is the Ring Alarm available in Quebec?

No. The Ring Alarm product is not currently available in Quebec. Quebec neighbors can, however, purchase a Ring Protect plan for other Ring products in Quebec with all of the benefits except professional monitoring services. At this time Ring is unable to offer professional monitoring in Quebec.

Click here to learn more about the Ring Protect plan. 

Is Ring Customer Support available in Quebec?

No: Due to import regulations set forth by the government of Quebec we are unable to ship or provide support for Ring Alarm Products in Quebec.

What is professional monitoring?

Professional monitoring is a service offered by Ring Alarm. If you've enrolled in professional monitoring and there is a break-in, the monitoring center will reach out to you and your emergency contacts. If it's a real emergency, they can request police, fire, and medical emergency help to your Ring Alarm location.

At this time, professional monitoring is unavailable in Quebec.

Click here to learn more about professional monitoring.

Is Ring working to make professional monitoring available in Quebec?

Not at this time.

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