Physically Installing Your Stick Up Cam Battery (2nd Generation)

Set up your Stick Up Cam in the Ring app before physically installing it.

Previous versions of the Ring Stick Up Cam had a different mounting bracket. If you'd like to see what version of the Stick Up Cam, you have, you can find out in the Ring App.


Slide off the Bottom Cover

Charge the Battery

Make sure the provided battery is fully charged by plugging it into a USB port using the provided orange cable or any other micro USB cable you have handy. The battery is fully charged when just the green LED is lit.

  • Remove the battery cover on your Stick Up Cam by twisting it counterclockwise to unlock.
  • If the battery is already inserted, remove the battery.
  • After charging, insert the battery into the bottom of your Stick Up Cam until it locks into place.

Choose your Location

Your Stick Up Cam will be happy just about anywhere, indoors or out. It can sit on its own stand, or mount to a wall or ceiling. 

Choose a spot where it can provide the view that you want.

Installing Stick Up Cam on a Shelf or Table

  • Place the rubber pad on the bottom of the base.
  • Snap the cover onto the base.
  • Place your Stick Up Cam on a table or shelf.

That's it! Your Stick Up Cam is now installed.

Installing Stick Up Cam on a Wall or Ceiling

  • If you're mounting Stick Up Cam on a wall:
    • Push the rubber pad into the top of the base.
    • Flip the base toward the rear.
  • If you're mounting Stick Up Cam on a ceiling:
    • Swivel the base above the camera.
      • Make sure the camera is mounted right side up. 
        • You will not be able to change upside-down videos in the Ring App. 
    • Push the rubber pad into the bottom of the base.

Drive the Screws

  • Hold the circular part of the base against your wall or ceiling, rubber side down.
    • If you're mounting Stick Up Cam on a wall, use the integrated level to ensure it's straight.
  • Mount it with the included screws. 

Attach the Battery Cover

  • Line up the "open lock" symbol on the rear of your Stick Up Cam with the line on the battery cover.
  • Push the cover on and twist clockwise to lock into place.

Tighten the Screw

  • Use the star-shaped end of your Ring screwdriver to tighten the security screw on the bottom of your Stick Up Cam. 

That's it! Your Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is installed. 


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