Updating the Firmware on Your Ring Alarm System

Making sure your firmware for your Ring Alarm Devices is up to date is a very important part of making sure your home is safe and secure. Firmware is the operating software that runs your Ring Alarm system. Updating the firmware is a very simple process.

Important Considerations!

Please be aware of the following constraints before beginning your Alarm update! All of these items are extremely important in order to ensure continuous protection from the Ring Alarm system.

  • Block out sufficient time to update your Alarm System! Your system must be Disarmed in order to begin the firmware update process for Alarm devices.


    • Note: Updates may be canceled at any time from the firmware update management page.
    • Note: Devices that are in the process of updating or scheduled to be updated will need to be bypassed if you wish to arm your system.


  • Any Alarm system Devices that are being updated will not be monitored by the Central Monitoring Station during their updates and no dispatches will be sent to your mobile device or emergency dispatchers.
  • Only one Device can be updated at a time.


  • Keypad Note: When plugged in the keypad update will take precedence over other Device updates.
    • Note: After being scheduled, updates will be installed the next time the Device does its routine check-in with the base station.
    • Range Extender Note: Devices that rely on the range extender to communicate with the base station may temporarily disconnect during the update process.
  • Please monitor your system during the update process. If the update fails for any reason, the update will not automatically restart. The update process must be restarted manually.
  • Do not unplug or remove a battery from a device during the update process. Doing so will cause the update process to fail.
  • If you need to arm your system for any reason during the keypad update, you will need to use the Ring app.
  • Make sure none of your devices are unplugged and that they have full battery charges before you begin your update. 
    • Note: If your Device’s battery charge is low, be sure and replace them before performing an update.
    • Note: Keypad and range extenders require AC power in order to update.

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To update your Alarm System:

  • From the dashboard in your Ring App, tap on the three-line menu icon on the upper-left hand side of the screen.
    • Note: Be sure you are listed as the Device’s owner. Shared Users will not be able to update Device firmware.
  • Tap on Devices on the left-hand menu
  • Be sure all of the above constraints are met.
  • Scroll down to view your Alarm Devices. Devices that need updating will have red text indicating this underneath their images.
    • Note: Text showing that a firmware update is available will only appear next to those Devices that have updates available. If the firmware is up to date, there will be no text. As long as any Device requires an update, however, the “Update Available” text will appear next to your base station icon in the Device detail page.
  • Tap on the Device you wish to update.
  • Tap on the Firmware Update tile.
  • Tap "Enable Update" to schedule the update for that device.
    • Note: You can also tap "View all firmware updates" to manage all devices with firmware update available.


  • Repeat the process to update other devices.
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