Connecting the Base Station with Both Ethernet and Wi-Fi

Question: I tried to connect my Ring Alarm to an Ethernet cable and found that my Wi-Fi credentials had been removed. When I tried to re-connect my Base Station to the Wi-Fi, it wouldn't allow me to as long as the Ethernet cable was plugged into the Base Station. How do I connect the Ring Alarm Base Station to both Wi-Fi and an Ethernet cable?

Answer: You can't. The Base Station can only be connected to the Internet through an Ethernet Cable or via a 2.4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection.

If you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection, the connection and your credentials will be removed as a security feature if you plug in an Ethernet cable. If you have an Ethernet cable plugged into the Base Station and attempt to connect to Wi-Fi, you should receive a message that as long as the cable is plugged in, you will not be able to connect to Wi-Fi.

Note: If connecting your Ring Alarm Base Station using Ethernet, ensure you run your Ethernet cable away from the Base Station. Avoid placing the Ethernet cable over the front of your Base Station speaker and LED ring.

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