Replacing the Battery on Your Smoke & CO Listener


If you need to know the status of the battery on your Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener,* the device details page in your Ring app contains the current state, controls, history, and the battery level. 

Battery Level: The battery status will be shown in the top right.

    • Green = full (100–76%)
    • Green = ok (75–26%)
    • Yellow = low (11–25%)
    • Red = warn (1–10%)
    • Red, line through it = failed (0%)

To replace the battery on the device, follow the procedure listed below.


How long do the batteries last?

The CR123A battery should last up to three years.


How Do I Replace My Smoke & CO Listener* Battery?

* Always insert replacement batteries correctly, matching the + (positive) and - (negative) symbols on the battery with the symbols on your Smoke and CO Listener.*



  1. Disarm your Ring Alarm.
  2. Carefully remove the cover from the device by turning the lid counter-clockwise. Lift to remove.
  3. Remove the old battery from the base and insert a new CR123A battery, taking care to match + and - symbols with the markings on your sensor. Confirm that the + and - symbols show on top when inserted.
  4. Place the lid back on the device, making sure to line up the semi-circle on the lid with the “open” semi-circle on the base. Lock the lid back on by turning it clockwise.
  5. Check your Smoke & CO Listener* by pressing the test button on your smoke or CO2 detector. If working, you’ll receive a notification from your Ring app.



* Smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring is not available for commercial properties. See Ring Alarm licenses at:​

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