Installing Your Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener

Installing your Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener* is a very simple process. Scroll down for a step-by-step guide. 

Before You Start

If there is an update available for your Ring app, please update it before you begin. Remind any shared users to update their app too. Updating the app ensures that everyone on your account will be able to see this new device.  

Step One - Set up your Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener* in the Ring App


It's recommended that you set up your Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener* in the Ring app before you install the device next to your smoke or CO alarm. Follow the in-app instructions to get your system ready for the Smoke & CO Listener.*

Click here for more information on Setting up your Smoke & CO Listener* in the Ring app. 

Step Two - Scan the QR Code


Using the Ring app, scan the QR code on your Smoke & CO Listener.* This prepares the device to be found by your Base Station.  

Step Three - Pull out the clear tab


This turns the Listener* on. Your Alarm Base Station will then find the listener automatically.

As the Listener* pairs to your Alarm Base Station, its LED ring blinks slowly, then quickly. Once it pairs, the LED glows blue for five seconds. 

Note: If the Listener* does not pair successfully, its LED ring glows red. Try the pairing process again. Start by following the in-app instructions. When it’s time to pull the battery tab, simply remove and reinsert your battery to complete this process.  

Step Four - Find a location next to your existing smoke or CO alarm for your Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener*


An important step when installing your Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener* is to find a good location to mount it next to your smoke or CO alarm. Ideally, you want your Smoke & CO Listener* only about two to three inches away from your smoke or CO alarm.  Be aware that six inches (15.25 CM) is the maximum distance your Listener* can be from your smoke or CO alarm in order to work properly.

Step Five - Position the mounting bracket


Position the mounting bracket so that the arrow marked "Smoke/CO Alarm This Side" points directly at your smoke or CO alarm. This ensures the microphone is aimed at your smoke or CO alarm.


Step Six - Secure the mounting bracket


  • Once you've decided on a location, secure the bracket to your ceiling or wall with the included screws. 
  • Then place the Listener* on the bracket posts and slide it to lock it into place


Step Seven - Test the connection


Press and release the setup button quickly. If the LED ring blinks blue, the sensor is connected to the Base Station and is ready to use.

If it blinks red, it means it cannot communicate with the Base Station. This could be due to the distance between your Base Station and Listener* or some type of interference. Repeat the test. If you still cannot reach the Base Station, you may want to try installing your Alarm Range Extender between your Listener* and the Alarm Base Station, following the included instructions.


How Do I Replace My Smoke & CO Listener* Battery?

* Always insert replacement batteries correctly, matching the + (positive) and - (negative) symbols on the battery with the symbols on your Smoke and CO Listener.*



  1. Disarm your Ring Alarm.
  2. Carefully remove the cover from the device by turning the lid counter-clockwise. Lift to remove.
  3. Remove the old battery from the base and insert a new CR123A battery, taking care to match + and - symbols with the markings on your sensor. Confirm that the + and - symbols show on top when inserted.
  4. Place the lid back on the device, making sure to line up the semi-circle on the lid with the “open” semi-circle on the base. Lock the lid back on by turning it clockwise.
  5. Check your Smoke & CO Listener* by pressing the test button on your smoke or CO2 detector. If working, you’ll receive a notification from your Ring app.


* Smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring is not available for commercial properties. See Ring Alarm licenses at:​

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