Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener Information

The Ring Alarm Smoke & CO listener is a device designed to work with your existing smoke/CO alarm to alert your Ring App of fire and CO notifications. By using a Ring Alarm Smoke & CO listener in combination with your Ring Alarm Base Station, you can be alerted to danger in your home regardless of where you are or what type of Smoke & CO alarm you use.

The following article will answer frequently asked questions regarding the Ring Alarm Smoke & CO listener. 

What is the Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener?

The Ring Alarm Smoke & CO listener is a smart sound sensor for your Ring Alarm system. It works in tandem with one standard smoke or CO alarm (or smoke/CO combo alarm).

Your Ring Alarm Smoke & CO listener works by listening for the sound of your smoke/CO alarms notifying you of a problem. When your alarm goes off, the listener will have your Ring Alarm system notify you of the problem, regardless of where you happen to be. In addition, if your Ring Alarm system is professionally monitored the monitoring center can also be notified and emergency responders dispatched to your home.

Is the Listener a smoke or CO alarm?

No. The listener itself is not a smoke or a CO alarm. It's a listening device that works in tandem with a smoke/CO alarm. The listener is mounted next to the alarm and listens for the sound of an alarm siren, at which point it instructs the Ring Alarm system to inform you that there's an alert at your home.

Why would I need a Listener? Why not just get a connected smoke/CO alarm?

If your situation allows for the installation of a connected smoke/CO alarm, that would be the way to go. Many people, however, find themselves in situations that do not allow for the installation of a connected smoke/CO detector. For these people, a listener can provide similar protection.

Some of those who would benefit from a listener are:

  • Renters: If you rent an apartment or a house where your smoke/co detectors are provided by your landlord and you cannot change them, a listener will provide you with alerts if there's a problem at your home even if you're away.
  • The elderly or those with mild hearing loss: Older alarms, while perfectly adequate at their job, sometimes issue alarms in frequencies that aren't heard by the elderly or others with a mild hearing loss. A listener can inform these people via their mobile device that there’s an alert.

Can a Listener cover multiple alarms?

We recommend the Listener be within six inches of the smoke/CO detector. Ideally, you should have one Listener for every alarm. If the two alarms are situated closely together, though, it is possible for one Listener to cover two alarms.

How do I know if my alarm is compatible with the Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener?

The Smoke & CO Listener is compatible with smoke and CO alarms that emit the industry standard Temporal T3 (Smoke) and T4 (CO) alarm patterns in accordance with current UL and National Fire Protection Association guidelines. Refer to your device’s manufacturer's recommendations for details. Smoke and CO alarms also have a finite lifespan, after which they should be replaced.  If your alarm's "Replace by" date has passed, it must be replaced before you install your Ring Alarm Smoke & CO listener.

Where can I purchase a Ring Alarm Smoke/CO listener?

Click here to purchase a Smoke/CO listener on Ring.com.  

Can the Smoke & CO Listener be painted?

No. Painting the device will keep it from functioning properly.

What does it mean when the LED light on the Smoke & CO Listener is flashing red and blue?

If the device is flashing red and blue for a period of time it means that the device's firmware is updating. Give it a few minutes to complete the update and the device will go back to functioning normally.

How far can the Listener be from the Base Station?

Your Listener should be placed within 50 feet of the Base Station. If necessary, you can use a range extender.

How far can the Listener be from the Smoke/CO detector?

The Listener's optimal range is within six inches of the Smoke/CO detector with the microphone vent facing the device.

Can I use the Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener at my business?

No. Ring cannot provide professional smoke and CO monitoring at business locations due to strict local regulations across the U.S. and Canada.  

Click here for important information about smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring at commercial properties. 

How Do I Replace My Smoke & CO Listener Battery?

* Always insert replacement batteries correctly, matching the + (positive) and - (negative) symbols on the battery with the symbols on your Smoke and CO Listener.



  1. Disarm your Ring Alarm.
  2. Carefully remove the cover from the device by turning the lid counter-clockwise. Lift to remove.
  3. Remove the old battery from the base and insert a new CR123A battery, taking care to match + and - symbols with the markings on your sensor. Confirm that the + and - symbols show on top when inserted.
  4. Place the lid back on the device, making sure to line up the semi-circle on the lid with the “open” semi-circle on the base. Lock the lid back on by turning it clockwise.
  5. Check your Smoke & CO Listener by pressing the test button on your smoke or CO2 detector. If working, you’ll receive a notification from your Ring app.

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