Event History Timeline Information

Event History is a video timeline that provides easy access to all events recorded1 by your doorbells or cameras with a Ring Protect subscription (sold separately). Event History features icons on a timeline, letting you know when certain events happened. Scrolling back and forth through timeline can give you a better idea of what happened within a range of time.

Types of events

Event types may vary, depending on your device(s).

  • Ring
  • Motion
  • Live View
  • Motion Events
  • Person Detected
  • Answered Rings (doorbells)
  • Missed Rings (doorbells)
  • Key Delivery
  • Linked Device
  • Driving
  • Traffic Stop

With a Ring Protect subscription you also get access to Snapshot Capture2, which are recurring photo snapshots taken throughout the day that appear in your Event History.


How to sort events in your Event History

To sort your events, tap the Events tab in the Ring app. Then choose Ring, Motion, Live View, Key Delivery, Linked Devices, or Favorites. Then tap Filter Events to sort your events.


1 Your Ring videos in the cloud are stored temporarily, up to 180 days. Changing your video storage time will only affect videos that are recorded after you adjust your storage time setting. Check Ring Protect Subscription Plans for more information.

2Snapshot Capture photos in the cloud are stored up to 7 days.

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