Event History Timeline Information

The Event History video timeline is a tool designed to give you easy access all of the events recorded by the doorbells or security cameras you own if you're subscribed to a Ring Protect plan. Scrolling back and forth through timeline events can give you a better idea of what happened within a certain range of time.

How does the Event History Timeline work?

The Event History timeline works by placing icons on a timeline that lets you know when certain events have happened.

Those events can be:

  • Live Views.
  • Motion Events.
  • Person Detected.
  • Answered Rings (doorbells).
  • Missed Rings (doorbells).
  • Linked Device Events.  

Snapshot Capture is a feature where you can see images that are recorded periodically (if you have a Ring Protect plan). To find out more about Snapshot Capture, click here.    


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