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When it comes to security, seconds can count. That's why the Ring App comes equipped with Camera Previews. Camera Previews are still images that are captured and displayed by every camera you have access to, whether owned or shared. These images let you know at a glance whether something is happening within range of your cameras that needs your attention. This article answers the most frequently asked questions concerning Camera Previews.

Note: To check whether you have the Camera Previews enabled (they are off by default), please do the following: 

  • Tap the button in the upper left corner of the screen to open the side menu. 
  • If you see a "New Features" button, tap it. If you don't, Camera Previews are not yet available in your area. Check back soon!
  • Tap the "Enable Camera Previews" toggle switch.
  • Tap "Save" to confirm.

What are Camera Previews?

Camera Previews are a series of still images you'll see when you first open up the Ring app. Each is labeled with the time it was taken and which camera took the image. These images give you a view of conditions within sight of your camera, letting you know if it needs your attention.  


How do Camera Previews work?

Each time you open up your Ring App, you'll be able to see recent snapshots from all of your Ring cameras. 


What do I do if I see something that requires my attention?

Simply tap on the image to be taken to a Live View of the camera in question. 

Some of the camera previews seem to take longer to load than others. Why is this?

Cameras that have a constant power source such as the Ring Doorbell Pro and the Ring Floodlight Cam will generate camera images very quickly because they are constantly checking to see if the app has requested a new image. Battery operated devices such as the Ring Video Doorbell or the Spotlight Cam Battery will wait for a request from the app to generate an image. This is to save on battery life. 

I'm not seeing any new images in my camera previews. What's going on?

This usually happens when the unit has failed to update its firmware. The firmware will need to be updated before the feature will work properly. 

Click here for more information on updating firmware.

How do I turn off camera previews?

To turn off previews, do the following: 

  • Tap the button in the upper left corner of the screen to open the side menu.
  • Tap "New Features."
  • Tap the "Enable Camera Previews" toggle switch.
  • Tap "Save" to confirm. 
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