Setup Failing Due to an Internet Issue

If you're having a problem setting up your Ring app, it's possible you are experiencing a problem with your internet connection. This can take two forms: 
  • Your internet is not communicating with the Ring App at all. 
  • Your internet connection is too slow to provide a decent signal to your Ring device. 

If you suspect your internet is down, try the following:

  • Turn off your cellular data. Then try accessing any websites or other services on your mobile device while connected to your wifi network. If you are unable to access other websites, your mobile device may be disconnected from your wifi network or the network itself may be down. 
  • Check your router and make sure all of the lights on the front of the device are green and its connections are solid.
If your internet checks out, you may have a problem with your internet speed. Fortunately there is a way to measure your internet speed. Follow these instructions to run a speed test on your wifi network:
  • Turn off the cellular data on your mobile device and make sure you are connected to your wifi network.
  • Open up a web browser and go to
  • Take your mobile device to the same room as your router.  
  • Press the Start button and measure your internet speed near your router.
  • Take your mobile device to the place where you're installing your Ring device.
  • Press the Start button and measure your internet speed again. 
If either your upload or download speeds are below 2Mbps, your Internet may be too slow to support your Ring device. There are two possible solutions to this problem:
  • Install a wifi extender such as our Ring Chime Pro.
  • Contact your ISP about increasing your speeds.

Still having trouble?

If you've verified that your Internet is working fine, and setting up your Ring product still fails, click here for information on other possible causes of in-app setup issues


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