Fixing Insufficient Power Issues for a Ring Pro with a Plug-in Transformer

Question: I'm experiencing insufficient power symptoms in my Ring Pro (Click here to learn more about insufficient power symptoms). Can I fix it by using a plug-in transformer?

Answer: Yes! Using a plug-in transformer with a Pro Power Cable is an alternative but reliable method of powering Ring Video Doorbell Pro, and can resolve problems related to an existing transformer not supplying enough power. This setup can also be used to install Ring Pro in a home that doesn’t have existing doorbell wiring.

Click here for more information on a plug-in transformer.

Click here to download a PDF version of the instructions.

Important Notes

  • You can receive a free Pro Power Cable by calling Ring's customer service team.
  • Before removing or attaching wires to your Ring Pro, be sure that the power is turned off at the breaker box.
  • If you're uncomfortable with  attaching and detaching wires, consult a licensed electrician.
  • After the Pro Power Cable is installed, you will have to run through the Ring App setup process again. During this setup, please select the ""No Doorbell" option when presented to you.


  • Connect the Wires to the AC terminals of your plug-in transformer. The ground terminal does not need to be connected.
    • One of the wires must have a fuse attached. Ring's Pro Power Cable is ideal for this purpose. 

  • Run the wires from your outlet to the Ring Pro. 
    • Always be careful of existing pipes and electrical wires and pipes when drilling through walls. 


  • Connect the wires to your Ring Doorbell Pro. 


  • Plug the transformer in.
    • The front light on your Ring Pro will light up to indicate it is receiving power. 


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