What to Do if Your Ring Video Doorbell Pro Goes Offline

It is possible under certain circumstances for your Ring Video Doorbell Pro to lose its connection to your Wi-Fi network. This article will detail the circumstances where your Ring Pro can lose its connection and what to do if this occurs. 
Why Ring Devices Can Go Offline
There are a variety of circumstances that can cause your Ring device to lose its connectivity. These include:
  • A power surge causes a problem with your internet router.
  • You temporarily lose power. 
  • A wire in your router setup temporarily comes loose.
  • You change your Wi-Fi network password.
  • Your Ring device is suffering from low power.

It's important to understand that most of these circumstances are temporary. In most cases, as soon as the circumstances that caused the disconnect to occur clear up, your Ring device will automatically reconnect to the network. Very rarely though, your device will remain disconnected. That's when you should run through troubleshooting steps that check the possible sources of the disconnection. 

Your Troubleshooting Routine

  • First, verify that the issues you are experiencing are the result of a Wi-Fi disconnect. To check your Ring Doorbell's internet connection, open the Ring app, select your Ring Doorbell, and select Device Health.
If your Ring Doorbell Pro is offline, it will say "Offline" under the Network header.
  • Next, check that all of your wires are properly plugged in and that all the lights on the front of the router are green. 
  • Check to see whether another Wi-Fi device is having a problem connecting to the network.
  • Unplug your router for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. See if your Ring Doorbell automatically reconnects. 
  • Turn off the power to your Ring Pro at the breaker box for 30 seconds, then turn it back on. See if your Ring Doorbell automatically reconnects.
  • Press the side button on the Ring Pro to put the device in Setup mode. Wait 10 seconds, then press it again and see if your Ring Doorbell automatically reconnects. 
  • If all else fails, check to make sure your Ring Pro is getting sufficient power.
Voltage Issues with Ring Doorbell Pro
While it's rare, it's not unheard of for a Ring Video Doorbell Pro to go offline due to low voltage issues. These are caused by your Ring Pro not receiving enough power from your doorbell transformer.
Ring Pro requires a power source that supplies a minimum of 16VAC. If your transformer supplies less voltage than this, you'll need to upgrade your transformer for Ring Pro to work properly.
Even if your power source supplies 16VAC or greater, sometimes resistance in your wires–often due to length or age of the wires–can keep Ring Pro from receiving enough power to function.
Addressing Voltage Issues with the Pro Power Cable
If your transformer is 16VAC or greater, and your Ring Pro still isn't getting enough power, call Ring Community Support to request a Pro Power Cable, which can help to supply your Ring Pro with additional power by bypassing your existing internal doorbell.
Lastly, if your existing transformer is supplying enough power, take a look at our Ring Doorbell Pro Chime Kit Compatibility List to ensure that your existing internal doorbell is verified as being compatible with Ring Doorbell Pro.

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