Call Connection Failure - Ring Doorbell and Stick Up Cam

Call Connection Failure - Ring Doorbell & Stick Up Cam

When experiencing a call connection failure with Ring Doorbell or Stick Up Cam there are a few things you can check to make sure that your alerts are coming through normally.  


Reconnecting The Doorbell To The Network

Reconnecting back to the home network can help make sure the doorbell is properly connected. This can be done simply by unmounting the device briefly and tapping the orange button. You'll start to see the front of the device light up and circle around with a white light. 

After the light has been circling for about 15 seconds press the orange button once more. This should turn off the Access Point Mode on the doorbell and then the device should automatically reconnect back to the internet. Allow the device to reconnect on its own after waiting for a minute. Remount the device and press the front button. The alert should come through and you should the video come through. This is relatively the same process for Stick Up Cam.


Signal Strength To Home Wi-Fi

Distance from the Ring Classic to the Router can be a factor if the Ring Doorbell has been mounted more than 25-30 feet away. 


Test In The Room With The Router

Unmount the device and then proceed to take it to the same room as the router. Test the Ring Doorbell connectivity by pressing the front button. If you have already set up the device this should trigger an alert on the phone. Answer it and pay attention to the quality. (If your phone is close by the device you may receive audio feedback. This is normal) 


How does the audio / video look?

- If the video quality is poor right next to the router then you may have low internet speeds. Testing your bandwidth speeds and speaking to your internet provider for more information on boosting your speeds would be advised. 

- If the video quality is good near the router but poor at the mounting location of the Ring Doorbell then considering a wifi extender would be advised. The wi-fi signal is most likely giving low signal strength to the Ring Device. A wifi extender will ensure that the signal can reach the Ring doorbell.  


Testing Internet Speeds

Make sure you are getting the baseline of standard internet requirements. Go to, and test your bandwidth to ensure it has at least 1 Mbps for both uploading and downloading speeds.



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