Multiple Ringtones




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    Kokass Angelas

    Thank you for making this feature available. Customization, however limited, is much appreciated!

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    Joe Plunkett

    Very Clever feature for Halloween. Eager to see what's coming up for other holidays, events, etc. You are all fun and creative!

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    Jeroen Vandeweghe (VIP)

    This is great, but falls one step short of useful for me. I have multiple Rings and would like very much to hear a different chime on my Chimes depending on the Ring... Pretty please...?

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    Daniel Compton77

    Good news but what about the doorbell itself? The person ringing the door will still hear the normal tone but inside the house will be the Halloween one

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    Kevin Bass

    Can't wait to give it a try! I'm assuming it will show up on Windows 10 device software as well?

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    Bill Hensley

    I agree, this new feature is cool BUT we need it to happen in the doorbell it's self. I'd love to see the Ring Team fix this in time for Halloween so that the doorbell makes spooky sounds and not just the chimes inside the house...

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    I agree with others, the doorbell itself would be more usefull

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