Updating Settings

Updating Settings


Updating Settings ~ Live View for Stick Up Cam

When using your Stick Up Cam it is important to know that after turning on the live view it is best to make a motion notification shortly afterwards to ensure that the settings were changed.

 The article below goes over this in great detail. Updating the Live View Settings here should be very easy and intuitive.

 Accessing Live View on Stick Up Cam


Updating Settings ~ Motion for Ring Doorbell Classic

To make sure the Ring Doorbell updates its motion settings after adjusting the zones make sure to press the front button on your Ring Doorbell. This will ensure that the settings are saved successfully. 


Updating App Firmware

Setting Up Your iOS device for Automatic Updates

To make sure that the apps are set to automatically update, go into Settings and scroll until you see iTunes and App Store. Tap on iTunes & App Store. Then scroll all the way down towards the bottom until you see Automatic Downloads. To turn on automatic app updates, tap in the white oval next to Updates


iOS - Manually checking for updates

In most cases your Ring app should update automatically. In iOS if you find that your Ring App is not updating and you know for a fact that an new update has come out then proceed to the app store and check under your updates section for the latest updates for your apps.


Setting Up Your Android device for automatic updates

  1. Open the Google Play Store app .
  2. Tap Menu Settings.
  3. Tap Auto-update apps.
  4. Select an option: Auto update apps at any time: Updates apps at any time, using either Wi-Fi or mobile data.


How to manually update Android apps

  1. On your Android smartphone or tablet head to the Google Play Store. ...
  2. Hit the menu button (three square dots) which is located at the top right hand side of the screen and select 'My Apps'.
  3. This menu is where you can see which apps on your device have available updates.


Updating Device Firmware

  • When your device is running a firmware update it usually occurs on a first time setup or whenever an update is available from Ring.com for your device. Updates should happen automatically upon release of the firmware.


  • If you see that your device is blinking white on the LED on Ring Doorbell Classic or Ring Pro then this means that your device is currently updating. Updates can take a few minutes in some cases so please be patient until the LED stops flashing


  • For Stick Up Cam  you should see the LED on the back turn a solid white light until the firmware update completes. 


  • Ring Chime Firmware updates happen over the air and are automatic.



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