Troubleshooting Motion Zones for Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Common Issues With Ring Pro Motion Zones

Not Receiving Motion Alerts

To receive Motion Alerts, make sure that the Motion Alert slider is set to the blue “on” position in your Device Settings. For more tips on troubleshooting notification issues, see this article.

Can’t Add More Motion Zones

You can only create a maximum of three custom Motion Zones. If you already have three zones set up, you’ll need to delete previous zones to add more. As an alternative, rather than creating more zones, you can instead stretch your zones to cover areas you want to monitor.

Motion Sensors Pick Up Unwanted Objects 

When creating your Motion Zones, make sure they don’t cover areas that can trigger unwanted Motion Alerts (for example, a public sidewalk or street). Adjust and test your zones to ensure that they won’t be falsely triggered.

Getting Way Too Many Motion Alerts

The motion-detection capabilities of the Ring Pro are very advanced, so you will likely receive quite a few Motion Alerts per day. Customize your zones to avoid high traffic areas, and test your Motion Alerts to make sure that you are only covering the places you want to monitor.

Long Delays and Spinning Blue Symbol Before Motion Alerts

This is most likely caused by poor Wi-Fi connection. Use to run a speed test on your mobile device to make sure you’re within the recommended speeds. An upload speed of two mbps or higher is recommended for optimal streaming performance.

If your bandwidth doesn’t meet this requirement, you may need to purchase a Wi-Fi extender to increase your performance. See this tutorial for guidance on connecting your Ring device to a Wi-Fi extender.

I've Tried All of This, But I'm Still Having Issues

If these tips haven’t resolved your issues, contact us for additional assistance.

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