Recharging your Ring Stick Up Cam

Question: How do I recharge my Ring Stick Up Cam?

Answer: Recharging your Stick Up Cam is a very easy process. First, note that the Stick Up Cam itself features a quick-release mount for easy removal.

Once you detach your Stick Up Cam from its mount, connect it to any compatible USB charger with the micro USB cable included in your Stick Up Cam packaging.

It should take about 10 hours to fully charge your Stick Up Cam on a one-amp USB charger, or five hours on a two-amp charger.

Ring Solar Panel

Another option for charging your Ring Stick Up Cam is Ring Solar Panel. Ring Solar Panel connects to your Stick Up Cam to give it non-stop power. 

To use the Ring Solar Panel, simply mount the Solar Panel near your Stick Up Cam, and connect the two devices with the included USB cable.

To learn more about Ring Solar Panel, click here.


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