How to Troubleshoot Ring Notification Issues for Apple iOS Devices

If Ring notifications sent to your Apple iOS device are delayed, or if you aren’t receiving them at all, try the tips below to resolve these issues.

Reboot Your Mobile Device

Turn your mobile device completely off. Wait at least 30 seconds and then turn it on again.  

Be Sure Your Notifications are Enabled and Your Ring Device is Online

You won't get any notifications if you're not connected to wifi. You can check to make sure your Ring device is online by going to the Device Health page in the Ring App.

  • Tap the three lines on the top left
  • Tap Devices
    • Tap the device you want to check
      • You'll then be on your Device Dashboard
        • Make sure your Ring Alerts, Motion Detection and Motion Alerts are toggled on (blue)
  • To check your wifi connection tap Device Health 
    • Under Network, you'll see your Signal Strength RSSI number
      • If your Signal Strength is in red, tap the question mark icon to find some additional troubleshooting steps.

Get Rid of New Features Notification 

If your New Features notifications won't go away, you can manually clear it in the Ring App. Tap on What's New and then tap the icon with a check mark in it on the top right. 


Notification Settings and Different Mobile Devices

If you activate notifications on your mobile phone, they will not be automatically activated on your tablet. You have to manually designate your notification settings on each mobile device connected to your Ring account.

Check the Notification Center on Your iOS Device

  • Make sure the “Do Not Disturb” feature isn’t turned on. Pictured below is a device with “Do Not Disturb” activated. To change this setting, open the Control Center by pulling up the shortcut menu from the bottom of the home screen, and tap the moon icon to disable it
  • You can test your device by pressing the doorbell button or triggering a Motion Alert
  • Repeat these steps on any other iOS device that’s not receiving alerts




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