Ring Doorbell Is Not Ringing My Interior Doorbell Chime

If your Ring Doorbell does not properly ring your existing doorbell chime, the problem may be caused by one or more of the following. Use this guide to troubleshoot the issues.

1. Your Transformer Doesn't Meet the Requirements

Ring products only support AC transformers with voltages between 8 VAC and 24 VAC. Ensure that your transformer’s voltage falls between this range.

2. You Have a DC Transformer

Ring products only support AC transformers and are not compatible with DC transformers.

3. You Have Wiring Issues

Confirm that your doorbell wiring is set up properly for the type of chime that you have. Doorbells typically have either a mechanical chime or an electronic chime. Mechanical chimes have physical strikers and bells that sound the traditional "ding-dong" tone, whereas electronic chimes have a speaker that plays digital melodies.

If you have a mechanical chime, do not use a diode. If you have an electronic chime, you must use a diode.

For guides on setting up your Ring Video Doorbell with either type of chime, see our tutorials on installing a doorbell with a mechanical chime or electronic chime. If you need a replacement diode, contact our Customer Support team at help@ring.com or 800.656.1918.

4. Your Doorbell Is Not Receiving Power

Make sure that the LED ring on your Ring Video Doorbell glows a soft white. If it's not glowing, it is not receiving power from your doorbell wiring.

  • To make sure that your wiring is functioning, remove your device from the mounting bracket, and touch the two screw terminals with a metal screwdriver. Your doorbell chime should ring.
  • If your doorbell chime does not ring, something is likely wrong with your doorbell wiring or the interior chime itself. Consult an electrician for more assistance if necessary.

For more guidance on replacing your original doorbell with your Ring Video Doorbell, check out our video on the installation process.

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