The Ring Referral Program

As a Ring customer, you can now protect your friends, neighbors, and loved ones and you'll all reap the rewards! Simply refer someone through the Ring Referral program and you'll both get a $10 credit to spend on any Ring Product on 

The following article answers frequently asked questions concerning the Ring Referral Program.  

I have not yet received my Ring Referral Credits.


If you have not yet received a credit for your Neighbors referral, it is possible that your referral was deemed invalid. For security and privacy purposes, we cannot share the exact reason referrals are deemed invalid. However, it is possible your referrals did not pass our system checks.

Click here for additional information on our validation process.

What is the Ring Referral program?


The Ring Referral program is a way for our Ring neighbors to help protect their friends, neighbors and loved ones by having them download the free Neighbors app and sign up for a free account. Neighbors who download the Neighbors app and sign up for a account are (once verified) eligible for entry into the free Ring Neighbors program and, in addition, both you and the person you refer will receive a $10 credit good for any product on!


What is this free "Ring Neighbors" program that we're eligible for?


The Ring Neighbors program started out as a way for owners of Ring security cameras to instantly share their Ring videos with neighbors, alerting one another to crime and safety issues in real time. Neighbors proved so popular and effective that we decided to open it up to everyone, regardless of whether or not they have a Ring device. Once the person you refer through the referral program downloads the Neighbors app, signs up for a account and is verified, they'll be automatically enrolled in the free Ring Neighbors program.

Click here for more information and answers to frequently asked questions about Ring Neighbors.


How do I refer someone through the Ring Referral program?


Inviting someone to the Ring Referral program is as easy as tapping "Invite Friends" in the side menu or "Invite Now" in your Neighbors Feed. This will open a page where you can use your smartphone's messaging utilities to send out an invitation.


Once the person you refer downloads the Neighbors app by clicking on the link you send them, creates a account and is verified, we'll credit you both with a $10 credit good for any camera or doorbell or accessory on

Where can I view my credit balance?


Your credit balance is viewable in the app in the side menu.


How many people can I refer through this program?


As many as you wish! There is no upper limit on the amount of credits you can receive.  

Can I use the credits to purchase a Ring Protect plan?


No. Credits can only be used for camera products (cams and doorbells), Alarm systems, Ring accessories or any other product available on 

Do credits ever expire?


Yes. Credits are only good for 365 days after the date they are issued. They can also only be used by the account they are issued to.  

Can credits be used with other discounts or promotions?


Yes, although credits used under another Ring discount or promotional program are subject to any restrictions associated with that program. 

Who is eligible to participate in the program?


Anyone is eligible to participate in the program with the following restrictions:

  • You must be 18 years of age and a resident of the United States.
  • Your referral must create a new account with a verified address that is not yet registered with a account.
  • You cannot be a Ring team member or an employee of any associated organizations or companies.  
Can I exchange my credits for cash or use them at a store?


No. Credits have no cash or real-world value and may only be exchanged for Ring products on  


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