Joining Ring Neighborhoods without a Ring Device FAQ

Ring Neighborhoods started out as a way for owners of Ring security cameras to instantly share their Ring videos with neighbors, alerting one another to crime and safety issues in real time. Neighborhoods proved so popular and effective that we decided to open it up to everyone, regardless of whether or not they have a Ring device.

The following article answers frequently asked questions concerning joining Ring Neighborhoods without a Ring device.

What is Ring Neighborhoods?

Ring Neighborhoods expands the Ring of Security from your home to your neighborhood by letting you easily share and communicate with your neighbors about crime and safety, so you have up-to-date local crime data at your fingertips. We believe that knowledge and communication foster stronger and safer communities. Together, we can make our neighborhoods better places to live for our families, friends, and neighbors.

Why would you open up Ring Neighborhoods to people without a Ring device?

Ring's mission is to reduce crime in our neighborhoods. The more people engaged in that fight the better.

Does it cost anything to join Ring Neighborhoods?

No, Ring Neighborhoods is a completely free feature in your Ring app. You're signed up for it as soon as you register your Ring app. 

Will I receive any marketing emails when I register for Ring Neighborhoods?

No. The purpose of Ring Neighborhoods is to join with your neighbors in the fight against crime. 

Can I get discounts on Ring products for being a member of Ring Neighborhoods?

Not at the moment, however, there is always the possibility we may offer special deals to Ring Neighborhoods members in the future. 

How can I find my Ring Neighborhoods?

Your Ring Neighborhoods is on your device screen. Simply slide it to the right to find your neighborhood.

I'd like to add or remove some houses from my Neighborhood. Can I do that?

Yes. While you can't add or delete individual houses to your Neighborhood, there is a control within your Neighborhood settings called "Neighborhood Radius" that will grow or shrink the area around your Ring device that is considered part of your Neighborhood. Be aware that growing the radius of your Neighborhood will increase the number of alerts you receive.

To reach the control, tap the three-lined icon at the top of the screen, then tap "Neighborhoods" on the lower left and tap "Customize Radius". 

Can I change my Neighborhood's name? 

Yes. Within the Neighborhood settings is control called "Neighborhood Name" that will allow you to name your Neighborhood anything you'd like. 

To reach the control, tap the three-lined icon at the top of the screen, then tap "Neighborhoods" on the lower left and tap "Neighborhood Nam." 

Can I change the number of alerts I receive or when I receive them?

Yes. Within the Neighborhood Settings is a control called "Get Neighborhood alerts" that will allow you to control the number and/or frequency of alerts you receive.

To reach the control, tap the three-lined icon at the top of the screen, then tap "Neighborhoods" on the lower left and tap "Get Neighborhood Alerts." 

What can I do with Ring Neighborhoods?

Ring Neighborhoods is a social space that allows neighbors to share videos, images, and information about local crime and crime prevention in order to make their neighborhoods safer. These are the features of Ring Neighborhoods you can use: 

  • You can view videos taken by your neighbors with their Ring devices.  
  • You can share images with your neighbors. 
  • You can share text-based posts with your neighbors.
  • You can comment on your own or other people's posts.
  • You can view local news items related to crime and safety. 
  • You can rate particularly good or important pieces of content as "helpful."
  • You can flag unhelpful or inappropriate pieces of content and have them removed from the content feed.

Click here for a welcome article that details all of the features of Ring Neighborhoods. 

What do I do if I see incorrect or inappropriate content in the Neighborhoods app?

Flag it. There are controls within Ring Neighborhoods that allow you to flag inappropriate content. Once content is flagged as inappropriate, our 24/7 moderation team will review it and if it's judged to be inappropriate it will be removed from the content feed.

To flag content, tap the three-period icon at the top of the post and tap "Flag as inappropriate." To flag a comment as inappropriate, simply tap the comment, then tap "Flag as inappropriate."

What do I do if I see incorrect or inappropriate content outside of the Neighborhoods portion of the app?

If you see any inappropriate or incorrect information outside of the Neighborhoods portion of the app, you can send an email to for expedited support.

Will any identifiable information about me appear in Ring Neighborhoods' feed?

No. How much information about yourself you choose to share on the Ring Neighborhoods' feed is up to you, but no personally identifiable information will be placed on the feed by the Ring app nor is any information accessible by your Neighbors. 

Can I connect Ring Neighborhood with my social networks?

Yes. There are connections within Neighborhoods itself that allow you to connect it to Facebook or the NextDoor network. You can also access your smartphone's sharing controls to share content through things like email. 

To reach the control, tap the three-lined icon at the top of the screen, then tap "Neighborhoods" on the lower left and tap "Social Settings." 

Is there a listing of what we can and cannot post I could read?

Yes. We have a list of Community Guidelines we expect everyone who uses Ring Neighborhoods to follow. They're not particularly onerous, just a listing of common sense guidelines designed to create an inclusive and welcoming space for all our neighbors to make their neighborhoods safer. 

Click here to read Ring Neighborhood's Community Guidelines. 

Is Ring Neighborhoods available in my area?

Ring Neighborhoods is currently only available in the United States. Keep an eye on your app for notification when Ring Neighborhoods will be available in your country. 

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