Utilizing Motion Zones with your Spotlight Cam Battery

Motion Zones allow you to select an area that you want your Ring to cover. By selecting your motion zones to exclude frequently accessed areas such as public paths and roads, you can reduce the number of motion alerts for things such as cars driving by and greatly increase the effectiveness of your Ring.

This article will help you set up your motion zones and give you some tips in making them more effective. 

Configuring Motion Detection Settings

Visit the Ring App and select the device you'd like to configure the motion detection settings for and then click Motion Settings. 

How to Turn On Alerts

Adjust the slider first, and then tap on the zones that you'd like to receive alerts for. Make sure that the zones you'd like enabled turn blue and say 'On' before clicking Save. 


Pro Tips: Making the Most of your Motion Settings

    • Reselect your Motion Zones: When creating your motion zones, note the potential paths people take to approach and reselect your motion zones to exclude areas where you very rarely see people such as behind locked gates, hedges, or walls.
    • Get familiar with the Motion Settings control in your Ring App: In addition to the motion zones control, there are two other tools there that can help you adjust the number of Ring Alerts you receive:

      • Motion Scheduling: The motion scheduling control will allow you to schedule brief interruptions in alerts (though not motion detection) triggered by a regular occurrence. For example, if you know your garbage always gets picked up between 7:30 and 7:45AM on Tuesdays, you can schedule your motion detection to turn off during that time.
        • Important: During the time that motion alerts are disabled due to motion scheduling, you can’t turn on motion alerts manually without canceling the motion schedule.
    • Optimizing motion detection: Motion detection can sometimes trigger false alerts because of large heat sources such as cars, the rising or setting sun, or reflections off a shiny object. To reduce the number of false alerts, you need to look at your motion zone the way your Ring does. That might mean removing shiny objects or angling the Ring itself to avoid the sun. You should also try to avoid having the camera pointed at the street, as passing cars may increase the number of false alerts. 


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