Visual Guide to the Ring App

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Whether you've just purchased your first Ring product or you're a long-time neighbor, congratulations on adding to the security around your home! Now that you've downloaded the Ring app, it’s time for a guided tour of the command center for all your Ring products. With the Ring app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you're in complete control of your home’s security.


The Dashboard is the first screen you'll see when your Ring app opens up. The screen has three main sections: 1) the tiles at the top of the screen which can be moved around and organized using the edit tile 2) images from your security cameras or doorbells, which you can tap in order to quickly get to Live View  3) a Discover section which highlights new features available to you. 




  • Utility Bar: This navigation bar contains four important tools, depending on your setup.
    • Three-Lined Icon: This three-lined icon is always in the same place in the upper-left corner of the app. Tapping on it will open the side menu and give you access to the rest of the app's functions.
    • Location name: When you first install a Ring device, you'll be asked to place it in a Location. Locations are internal groupings that allow you to sort your Ring devices based on their physical location. If you have Ring devices at different addresses, the Locations option allows you to move easily between each group of cameras.
    • Global Snooze: This moon icon will allow you to snooze motion alerts for all of your cameras for a selected amount of time.
    • SOS Button: If you have Ring Alarm, this offers those with professional monitoring an additional way to request immediate assistance in an emergency situation.
    • Ring Alarm Mode: If you have Ring Alarm, an extension to your Utility Bar will display the current mode and allow you to switch between modes.
  • Main Tiles: This section contains Camera Preview Tiles for each of your cameras, as well as a Neighbors and Event History tile.
    • Neighbors Nearby Incidents: Ring Neighbors expands your security from your home to your neighborhood by letting you easily share up-to-date local crime data and communicate with your neighbors about crime and safety.
    • History: This opens an aggregated list of all events for all devices at this location.
    • Camera Preview Tiles: These previews let you know at a glance whether something is happening within range of your cameras that needs your attention. Each Preview is labeled with the time since it was taken and which camera took the image.
    • Set Up a Device: This is an easy-access tile for setting up a new Ring device.

Side Menu

The side menu is where you'll be able to access the Ring app's other functions. In order to access the side menu, simply tap the three-lined icon in the upper-left hand corner. To return to the main screen, Dashboard. 



These are the functions that can be accessed from the side menu:

  • Locations: Tap the Location name in the upper-left hand corner of the screen to open up the list of Locations. From here, you can choose which Location to view.
  • Dashboard: Tap this option to return to the Dashboard.
  • Neighbors: This opens your Neighbors feed, detailing all of the up-to-date local crime data in your selected area.
  • Devices: This option brings you to a list of each device set up at this location, including Chime devices.
  • History: This control takes you to the same History screen you can find on the main Dashboard.
    • At the top of the screen, you can choose to view events from your cameras, Alarm, or lights
    • On the tab for cameras, you can also tap the icons to view all events or only specific event types. These event types include: ring, motion, Live View, and starred.
  • Settings: Tapping here takes you to the General and Location Settings.
  • Set Up a Device: Another easily accessible option to begin setting up a new device.
  • Account: This control takes you to the Account screen. From here you can change the name, phone number or password of the app's master account.
  • Control Center: In the Control Center you can manage your account under Account Management, manage Account Verification, manage the phone, tablets and computers authorized to log into your Ring account under Authorized Client Devices, manage Linked Accounts, manage and remove Shared Users, use Video Management to manage your settings and preferences and manage your Email preferences. In addition, you have access to Community Control and Privacy Information in control Center.  
  • What's New: This is where Ring informs our neighbors about new abilities added to Ring devices or new controls within the Ring app. The New Features page will pop up the first time you open the Ring app after Ring releases a new feature.
  • Invite Neighbors: Tapping this option will allow you to share a link to invite your friends, family, and neighbors to the Neighbors app.
  • Help: Quickly access external links to Help Center and Community Support here.
  • Shop Deals: You may need to scroll up to see the latest deals. They're underneath the Help option. Also, under neath Shop Deals, you can see the numeric version of the Ring app that you have.


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