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Locations are a function in the Ring app that allows you to group your Ring devices by their physical location. If, for example, you had a Ring Alarm and a number of Ring cameras at both your home and your place of business, you could group these devices into "Home" and "Business" locations. That way when you want to check on the status of a business camera or make an adjustment to your home's Ring Alarm, you only have to deal with the devices at that Location. 

The remainder of this article will answer frequently asked questions about Locations. 

Click here for instructions on managing your Locations.

If I group my Ring devices into multiple Locations, does my Ring Protect Plan cover the devices in all of the Locations, or do I need separate plans?


All devices at one address will be covered under Ring Protect Plus Plan. You’ll need to subscribe to Ring Protect Plus separately for each address you want to cover.

Do I need to use my exact address when defining my Location?


Yes, especially if you are using a Ring Alarm. The address you define in your Location is where police or emergency responders will be dispatched. 

Is there any limit to the number of Locations I can have on one Ring account?


No, there is no limit on how many Locations you can have attached to one Ring account.

Can I add a Ring Alarm device to a Location that only has cameras or a doorbell?


No. Ring Alarm devices can only be added to a Location that only has cameras or a doorbell without adding and setting up a base station first. 

Can I add a device to any Location?


You can add a camera or doorbell to any Location. Go to that Location, then add the device in the Ring app. Ring Alarm devices are locked to the base station with which they’re first set up, and cannot be added to a Location without a base station or transferred between base stations at different Locations.

Can I move a device between Locations?


You can move a camera or doorbell between any Location. Ring Alarm devices cannot be added to a Location without a base station or transferred between base stations at different Locations.

Does the Ring app give me access to video from cameras at all of my Locations?


Yes, you should be able to access all of the cameras that are currently attached to your Ring app account by simply switching between Locations. You will get live view functionality with all devices, but will only have saved recordings for those devices that are subscribed to a Ring Protect Plan.

Note: The number of cameras you have access to may be restricted by your Role: 

Click here to learn more about Users and Roles

Can I have more than one Location with the same address?


No. Each Location must have a different street address.

Can two people each have a Location with the same address?


Yes. Locations are specific to each Ring app account.

Can I specify which types of alert to receive from each Location?


Yes. When you select a Location in the Ring app, any changes you make to alert settings are specific to that Location.

Do I need to download my videos before moving a device from one Location to another?


If your device is on a Basic Plan, your videos will remain. If your device is on a Protect Plus plan, and you are moving to a Location that is not covered, you need to download any videos you wish to keep.

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