Controlling Ring Neighbors Through the Ring App

Every aspect of Ring Neighbors' operation can be controlled through your Ring app. This article will detail your Ring Neighbors' functions as well as how to find and control them in the Ring app. 

The Ring Neighbors features on your Ring app are divided up into two sections: 

  • Settings: This is your Ring Neighbors' "control panel" where you can adjust various controls that determine how Neighbors functions. 
  • Neighborhood Feed: Your neighborhood feed is an anonymous social space (within your Neighborhoods radius) where you can post videos, images, and text-based alerts, view local news stories about crime and safety and post comments on other neighbors' alerts. 

Settings Panel

You can access your Neighbor's settings by tapping on the three-lined icon at the top of the screen, then tap "Neighbors" on the lower left. 

From this screen you can adjust the following functions: 

  • Social networks: This screen allows you connect your Facebook or NextDoor account to your Neighbors account and post Ring videos to these accounts at the same time as you post them to the neighborhood feed.
  • Neighborhood Name: You can change the name of your neighborhood to anything you wish from this setting. 
  • Neighborhood Radius: This control grows or shrinks the area around your Ring device that you consider part of your neighborhood. Simply move the dots to set up your neighborhood any way you'd like it. Note that making the radius larger will increase the number of neighbors alerts you receive. 
  • Neighbors Alerts: When new activity is uploaded from any of your neighbors from the set radius of your neighborhood, you'll receive a notification from the Ring app. You can adjust the timing of these alerts from this control.

Neighbor Feed

Your Neighbors feed is where you'll spend most of your time in Ring Neighbors. This is the social space where neighbors can communicate important information that has a bearing on the safety of your neighborhood. 


The following lists the activities you can do in the Neighbors feed: 

  • Posting: When you'd like to alert your neighbors about a crime or safety-related incident, simply tap on "New Alert" and you can put up any of the following: 
    • Ring Videos: These are the most common things you'll see in your Neighbors feed. Videos from Ring devices can be useful in identifying suspicious characters in your area, catching package thieves, or noticing unusual activities that might have an impact on the safety of your neighborhood. 
    • Other Images: You're not restricted to just posting Ring videos. If you find other images you think might be of interest to your neighbors, you can also post them in the Neighbors feed. 
    • Text Posts: You do not need to post an image to send a message to your neighbors. Text-only posts are also supported. 
  • Commenting: You can post comments on anything in the Neighbors feed, either your own content or things put up by other neighbors. 
  • Rating: In addition to posting and commenting, there are also controls available to rate a particular piece of content as helpful by giving it a thumbs up.
  • Sharing: Use your smartphone's sharing options to share the content via other means such as text message, email, and other social networks. 


  • Flagging: If you find a piece of content in your feed that you feel is either inappropriate or simply not germane to crime and safety, you an use the flag control to flag the content and submit it for further review. 



Per our Community Guidelines, all content posted to the Neighbors feed is subject to moderation. Once content is flagged as inappropriate, our 24/7 moderation team will review it and if it's judged to be inappropriate it will be removed from the content feed.

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