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You've taken a big step forward in securing your neighborhood. Once you've installed your Ring app and set up your Ring device, be sure to take a trip through Ring Neighbors. 

At Ring, our mission is to reduce crime in neighborhoods and make neighborhoods safer. Ring Neighbors expands the Ring of Security from your home to your neighborhood by letting you easily share and communicate with your neighbors about crime and safety, so you have up-to-date local crime data at your fingertips. We believe that knowledge and communication foster stronger and safer communities. Together, we can make our neighborhoods better places to live for our families, friends, and neighbors.

Here's how to get started with Ring Neighbors.

Become a member of your Ring Neighbors

Good news! You don't have to actually "sign up" for Ring Neighbors. Once you set up your Ring app, you will then be automatically assigned to a Ring neighborhood based on your physical location.

Your Ring Neighbors is on your device screen. Simply slide it to the left to find your neighborhood and tap on the Neighbors icon.

Adjust your Neighbors settings

Once you open the Neighbors screen, you can access your neighborhood's settings by tapping on the three-line icon at the top of your Neighbors feed, then tapping Neighbors settings.

From this screen you can adjust the following functions: 

  • Social networks: This screen allows you connect your Facebook or NextDoor account to your Neighbos account and post Ring videos to these accounts at the same time as you post them to the neighborhood feed.
  • Neighborhood name: You can change the name of your neighborhood to anything you wish from this setting. 
  • Neighborhood radius: This control grows or shrinks the area around your Ring device that you consider part of your neighborhood. Note that making the radius larger will increase the number of Neighbors alerts you receive. 
  • Neighbors alerts: When new activity is uploaded from any of your neighbors from the set radius of your neighborhood, you'll receive a notification from the Ring app. You can turn these alerts on or off from this control or set the time of day you'd like to receive them.
  • Neighbors Alert Tone: This control allows you to customize the sound that plays when you receive an update from the neighborhood feed. 

Check out the Neighborhood Feed

Your Neighborhood feed is where you'll see alerts shared by your neighbors. Members of the Neighborhood will only see posts that were explicitly shared. 

Read the Community Guidelines

The Ring Neighbors' Community Guidelines are the basic rules that govern the Neighbors social space. They're common sense rules that everyone in the community is expected to abide by. 

Click here to read the Community Guidelines.

Check for Neighbors alerts

Neighbors alerts are a social media space designed for members of a neighborhood to share images, text, and to read relevant news articles that have a bearing on neighborhood safety. There are also controls under alert content that allow you rate a particular piece of content as helpful, post your own comment, or use your smart phone's share options to share the content with other apps. There are also controls to report a piece of content as inappropriate and submit it for review by the Neighbors moderation team.

If you'd like to post your own content, you can simply tap the "Add New Alert" button. Alerts can consist of a photo or video with text comments of 50 characters or less. 

Note: All posted content is subject to review by the Neighbors moderation team based on the Ring Neighbors' Community Guidelines.

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