My Ring Device is Having Trouble With My Wi-Fi Signal -- EU/UK or AUS/NZ

Question: I'm in the EU/UK or AUS/NZ and my Ring device is having a hard time finding my Wi-Fi signal (or keeps losing it). What's going on and how do I fix it?  

Answer: Temporary and Permanent fixes

If you find your Ring devices frequently disconnecting from the internet or if your device is having a hard time finding the Wi-Fi signal, there is both a temporary fix currently available and a permanent one on the way. 

  •  Temporary: The temporary solution for this issue is to stop your router from auto-scanning channels and set the router to channel 6. 
  • Permanent: A permanent solution for this issue is currently being worked on by Ring engineers. As soon as it's complete, it will be pushed to your Ring devices automatically and we will notify the Ring community via this Help Center. 

Background: Router Configurations and Channel 12

  • In the United States internet routers on the 2.4 Ghz frequency are restricted to channels 1-11. As a result when Ring devices were first designed, they were designed to only scan channels 1-11 to find a Wi-Fi signal. If the router switches channels during normal operations, the Ring device is able to follow the router resulting in no loss of connection and consistent operation
  • In the European Union/United Kingdom/Australia/New Zealand, routers on the 2.4 Ghz frequency are open to channels 1-13. Channel 12 though, is a special case, as it operates on a slightly lower frequency than the other channels. 
  • As a result, when routers in the EU/UK or AUS/NZ are set to automatically scan for the strongest channel, they will occasionally land on channel 12. Since Ring devices as currently configured do not scan channels higher than 11, a router that lands on channel 12 will not be found by the Ring device or if it was already connected, it will lose the connection as long as the router is on channel 12. 
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