Controlling the Floodlights and Light Settings on Your Floodlight Cam

Every function of your Floodlight Cam security camera is available on your Ring app.

To access controls for your Floodlight Cam:

If you're seeing pink videos from your Floodlight Cam, you can try rebooting the camera from the Ring app. 

Manual "Lights" Control

The manual "lights" control is the control that appears above the Motion Alerts toggle on your device's main menu in the Ring app. Toggle this control to manually turn the floodlights on (blue) and off (white). 

Note: This control overrules any other setting or controls that are set with the Ring app. Regardless of whether you've scheduled the lights to be on or off or whether it's day or night, this control will always turn on your lights.


Note: Quickly turning your lights on and off via a physical switch is a manual override and is a safety feature of any brand of floodlight, not just the Floodlight Cam. To turn off your floodlights after a power cycle, use the manual lights control in your Ring app. 

Motion Control Settings

Your Motion Control settings are where you'll adjust the range and distance at which motion will turn your floodlights on. Your floodlights use passive infrared detectors (PIR) to detect motion in three 90 degree arcs around the device. With this, you can adjust the range at which your floodlights will become activated.

Light Scheduling

Use this control to automatically turn your floodlights on for a set period. 

Note: Your light schedule will always be overridden by the manual light control.

Will the lights on my Floodlight Cam turn on every time it detects motion?
Yes, the Floodlight Cam lights will turn on for all events, assuming it is dark enough outside.

Will my camera always activate when the floodlights are triggered by motion? 
No. The floodlights on your Floodlight Cam are operated by passive infrared heat detection and have a radius of 270 degrees. The camera unit on your Floodlight Cam notifies you of movement within the camera’s field of view and has a range of 140 degrees. As a result, there will be times where something outside the range of the camera activates the lights. 

Note: You will not receive any Motion Alerts until you set at least one motion zone. 

Click Here for more information and Pro Tips on using Motion Zones. 

Additionally, the floodlights are divided up into three 90 degree zones that can be independently turned on and the distance adjusted to customize the area that will trigger the lights to turn on. The camera too can have its motion-sensing area customized through the Ring App, and can cover up to three different zones. The combination of these different customizable zones gives you complete control over the area you wish to cover with your Floodlight Cam.


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