Connecting an Existing Ring Product to Chime Pro


I've just set up a Chime Pro. How do I connect it to my existing Ring products?

  • If you already have one or more Ring products in your account, you'll see a screen at the end of the Chime Pro setup process that asks you which of these other Ring products you'd like to connect to the wifi network broadcast by your Chime Pro.
  • Tap the three lines on the top left of the Dashboard screen. 
  • Tap Devices.
  • Select the Chime Pro.
  • Tap the Chime Pro Network button 
  • On the next screen, connect the Ring device that you want to connect to the Chime Pro Network. 


  • Select Switch to Chime Pro Network.



  • You may be asked to press the set up button on your device during setup. 






How can I see what device is on the Chime Pro Network? 

On the Linked Devices screen, you can see which Ring products are already connected to the wifi network that's being broadcasted by your Chime Pro.

  • Tap the three lines on the top left of the Dashboard screen.


  • Tap Chimes.


  • Tap Chime Pro Network to see linked devices.


Best practices for Wifi extenders

  • For the initial setup of the Chime Pro, place it within a 20 feet radius of your router to ensure a successful setup. Once the unit is set up, move your Chime Pro halfway between the router and the Ring device.
  • When relocating your Chime Pro closer to your Ring device it is possible it might have trouble re-connecting. If this occurs it may appear as offline in the Ring application. This might be an indication of high wifi interference or that the Chime Pro is too far from your router.
  • You may also wish to check the RSSI for your connection. This can be found on the Device Health page of the Chime Pro. RSSI is an indicator of the signal strength, for an optimal connection we recommend the RSSI be between -60 and 0. Click here to learn more about RSSI.
  • If your Chime Pro has trouble re-connecting, then it might be due to interference. Some things that can cause interference include (but are not limited to):
    • Materials such as stucco, brick, or concrete.
    • House appliances such as microwaves.
    • Electronic devices such as televisions, game systems, or wifi enabled devices.
  • Please ensure your wifi can provide adequate upload speeds for your Ring devices through the Chime Pro. Chime Pro has a recommended minimum upload speed of 2 Mbps per device.

Upload speeds significantly lower can lead to degraded video quality and other performance issues. Contact your internet service provider if upload speeds are insufficient.

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