Setting Up Your Ring Spotlight Cam in the Ring App

Tap "Set Up a Device" in your Ring app to start. You will be prompted to scan the QR code on your Spotlight Cam. Do so and you will begin the process of assigning your Spotlight Cam to a location.

If you have trouble scanning the QR code, ensure you are in a well-lit area and try moving your camera to focus the lens for a clear reading. You may have to hold it steady for a few seconds. You can also try cleaning your camera lens.

Once you have entered the location that your Spotlight Cam will be assigned to, you may give the device a name. You will then be prompted to press and release the button on the camera which will enable the device's set up mode. This will be indicated by the camera's blinking white light. Tap "Continue" at this time in the Ring app. 

Connect your Spotlight Cam to a wifi network. Your camera will finalize updating and your set up will conclude. The device is now ready to use.

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