Combining Multiple Discount Offers/10% Ring Protect Discount on a Ring Purchase

Question: I have multiple discount vouchers/promotional codes/other marketing offers. Can I combine them with each other?

Answer: No. Ring often has a variety of marketing and promotional offers available at any one time and no marketing or promotional offer may be combined with any other offer

Question: I have a 10% discount as a result of my purchase of the Ring Protect Plan Protect Plan. Can that be combined with other vouchers/promotional codes/other marketing offers?

Answer: Yes. The Ring Protect Plan Protect Plan 10% discount can be combined with up to one other discount offer. The use of the secondary offer is still subject to any other restrictions on its use. 

Question: What is the Ring Protect Plan's 10% discount?

Answer: One of the benefits of purchasing a Ring Protect Plan Protect Plan is a 10% discount on future purchases of specified Ring products.

Question: How do I go about combining the Protect Plan discount with another offer?

Answer: Combining offers will happen automatically at purchase.

Question: Are there any other restrictions on using the Ring Protect Plan's 10% discount or combining it with another offer?

Answer: Yes:

  • The Ring Protect Plan's 10% discount cannot be applied to the same transaction where the purchaser purchased the Ring Protect Plan.
  • The Ring Protect Plan's 10% discount is non-transferable. The account will be attached to the Ring account email that purchased the Ring Protect Plan and that account email must be logged in before the 10% discount will be applied.
  • The combined discount is still restricted by any and all terms and conditions that apply to that individual promotional offer. 
  • Promotional offers combined with the Ring Protect Plan 10% Discount offer may only be used on that transaction and cannot be reused on another transaction or recombined with a separate offer.
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