Combining Multiple Discount Offers/10% Ring Protect Discount on a Ring Purchase

Question: I have multiple discount vouchers/promotional codes/other marketing offers. Can I combine them with each other?

Answer: No. Ring often has a variety of marketing and promotional offers available at any one time and no marketing or promotional offer may be combined with any other offer

Question: I have a 10% discount as a result of my purchase of the Ring Protect Plan Protect Plan. Can that be combined with other vouchers/promotional codes/other marketing offers?

Answer: No. The Ring Protect Plan 10% discount cannot be combined with any offer. If you would like to take advantage of another offer, you may enter the code at checkout and it will replace your subscriber discount with the new offer for that order. The next time you place an order, the Protect discount will be automatically applied again. 

Question: What is the Ring Protect Plan's 10% discount?

Answer: One of the benefits of purchasing a Ring Protect Plan Protect Plan is a 10% discount on future purchases of specified Ring products.

Question: Are there any other restrictions on using the Ring Protect Plan's 10% discount

Answer: Yes:

  • The Ring Protect Plan's 10% discount cannot be applied to the same transaction where the purchaser purchased the Ring Protect Plan.
  • The Ring Protect Plan's 10% discount is non-transferable. The account will be attached to the Ring account email that purchased the Ring Protect Plan and that account email must be logged in before the 10% discount will be applied.
  • If you subscribe to the Ring Protect Plan during your 30-day trial, you can use the 10% discount by logging out and then back in to your Ring account. 
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