Ring Video Doorbell Elite Setup Failing Due to an Internet Issue

If you're having a problem setting up your Ring app, it's possible you are experiencing a problem with your internet connection. This can take two forms: 
  • Your internet is not communicating with the mobile device, PC, or Mac you're using to access the internet.
  • Your internet is not communicating with the Ring Elite. 
  • Your internet connection is less than the 2 Mb per second needed to provide a decent signal to your Ring Elite. 

If you suspect your internet is down, try the following:

  • If you are connecting your Ring Elite to a mobile device, turn off your cellular data. Then try accessing any websites or other services on your mobile device while connected to your wifi network. If you are unable to access other websites, your mobile device may be disconnected from your wifi network or the network itself may be down. 
  • Check your router and make sure all of the lights on the front of the device are green and its wired connections are solid.
If your internet checks out, you may have a problem with your internet communicating with the Ring Elite unit. In this case, you'll want to check out the ethernet wiring connecting your router to your Ring Elite. 
To do this, try the following: 
  • Go to your router and check that all of the cables, especially the ethernet cables, are plugged into the proper receptacles on the Elite Power Kit and are tightly "clicked." All of the lights on both the Power Kit and your router should be lit up and green.
  • Check on the wear and tear of your wiring. "Pulled" or frayed cables or ethernet cables with broken fasteners are a common cause of poor communication with a Ring Elite. 
  • Try power cycling your router by pulling out the power cable for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in.
  • If everything checks out on the router end of your cable you can try uninstalling the Ring Elite unit from the wall and checking the cable and connection to the Ring unit itself.  
Finally you can check that your internet speed is sufficient to support. If either your upload or download speeds are below 2Mb per second, your internet may be too slow to support your Ring Elite. Try contacting your ISP about increasing your speeds.

Still having trouble?

If you've verified that your Internet is working fine, and setting up your Ring product still fails, click here for information on other possible causes of in-app setup issues


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