Finding Your Wifi Password


How to find your wifi password on your router

If you’ve never changed the default password on your wifi router, look on the bottom of your router. In many cases, there is a sticker that contains the password.

 Make sure to enter it exactly as it appears on this sticker during the in-app setup process, since wifi passwords are case-sensitive and have no spaces.

If your wifi password isn't on the bottom of your router, here are some other ways to find it.

How to find your wifi password on a Mac (Apple)

Use this link to learn how to find your wifi password on a Mac.

How to find your wifi password on a Windows PC

The steps for finding your wifi password on a Windows PC are different on different versions of Windows. Use Google to find instructions for your version of Windows by searching: How to find my wifi password in Windows (your version number here)? 

How to find your password on your router's web page

If you have a computer that can connect to the Internet, you can find the password by doing the following:

  • Select the search box in the taskbar, enter "cmd," and in the search results, select Command Prompt.
  • At the command prompt, enter ipconfig, and press Enter.
  • Under Wireless LAN adapter wifi, find the Default Gateway.
  • Open a web browser
  • Enter the IP address next to Default Gateway into the search bar (for example, 
  • Enter the user name and password to open your router’s configuration webpage. Most router documentation includes the default user name and password.
  • On the configuration webpage, look for a wireless or wireless settings option.
  • Look for a security or wireless encryption setting. The security key (sometimes called a network key, pass phrase, or network password) should be listed nearby.

Different router manufacturers have different settings pages. If you can't find the wireless security key, contact the router manufacturer.

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