Using a Wedge Kit to Properly Position your Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Question: I'm installing my Ring Doorbell Pro on a house with siding or in a house where the door is atop a set of stairs. How do I use a wedge kit to properly position my Ring Video Doorbell to catch visitor motion but minimize "false positive" motion alerts such as cars in the street?

Answer: Both of these situations require the use of a wedge kit to properly angle your Ring Video Doorbell to catch the motions your want while avoiding the motions you don't. This article will briefly explain how your Ring Video Doorbell sees the world and how to use your wedge kit.

How your Ring Pro sees the world

Your Ring Doorbell Pro uses the the camera mounted on the front to get a a very wide view of the world. Your Ring Pro also uses the image ii gathers through the camera to detect motion. By comparing the pixels of the images it saves on a moment-by moment basis, it can detect motion when the pixels change between pictures inside your user-selected "motion zones." 

As can be seen in the above illustration, it's important to position your Ring Pro in such a way that the motion zone camera can "see" as much of the area you want to cover as possible.

Dealing with siding

If your house has siding, you'll need to take the angle of the siding into account when mounting your Ring Video Doorbell Pro. As illustrated below, mounting the Ring Video Doorbell Pro on siding will point the Ring Doorbell up, making it much more likely to catch passing traffic than the heat of visitors. 


If you mount your Ring Video Doorbell Pro on siding, a wedge kit will properly angle your Ring Doorbell.


Dealing with Stairs

If your door is above ground level with stairs leading up to it, this can cause your Ring Doorbell Pro to miss visitors walking up your stairs and cause you to get motion alerts from passing traffic.  


The solution in this case is to once again use a wedge kit to lower the angle of your Ring Doorbell. 


 Please note that wedge kits are paintable to match your house color. 


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