Connecting Your House Lights to Your Ring Doorbell


If I’m hearing-impaired or deaf, is there a way to make my house lights turn on or make a lamp flash when somebody rings my Ring Doorbell?

Yes! As long as you have smart lights, such as Phillips Hue, you can set your lights to turn on or flash when someone rings your Ring Video Doorbell or triggers a motion alert by using a service called IFTTT.

IFTTT stands for “If this, then that.” It’s a system that allows you to create “Applets” that connect devices with each other, allowing you to get the most out of your smart home. If you have Phillips Hue lights in your home, there’s already an applet available you can use. Otherwise the rest of this article will give you instruction on how to create your own IFTTT applet.

Step One - Download the IFTTT App


  • If you have an iOS device, go to the App Store. For an Android device, go to Google Play.
  • Search for “IFTTT.”
  • Download and install the IFTTT app.
  • Once the app is installed, start it up and create a new account to get started.
Step Two - Create a New Applet


  • Tap “My Applets” on the bottom-right corner of the IFTTT app to open your Applet Dashboard.
  • To create a new Applet, tap the plus sign at the top-right corner.

Once you create your Applet, it will be saved in “My Applets.” In this section, you can also edit, delete or turn off your Applets.

Step Three - Select Your Trigger


On the next screen, you will designate the trigger for your Applet. The trigger is the event that activates your Applet and begins another event. In this case, the trigger is a Ring notification.


  • Tap the plus sign next to “this” to get started.
  • Search for and select “Ring.”
  • Select “New Ring Detected” if you want your lights to turn on whenever someone presses your Ring Video Doorbell.
  • Select “New Motion Detected” if you want them to turn on when your Ring device detects motion.

Note: If you want to create an Applet for both circumstances, you’ll need to repeat this process and create two Applets.  

Step Four - Sign Into Your Ring Account


Next, you’ll need to sign into your Ring account to link it with the IFTTT app.


  • In the IFTTT app, tap “Connect,” and you’ll be sent the Ring Account page.
  • Sign into your Ring account, and you’ll be redirected to the IFTTT app.
  • Select the name of the Ring device that you want to trigger the Applet.
Step Five - Select Your Action


Next, you’ll need to determine which of your lights will turn on when your Ring is triggered.


  • Tap the plus sign next to “That.”
  • Search for your lights on the next screen.
  • Type in the brand name of your lights. In the images that accompany this article, we’ll use Philips Hue, but any smart light bulb that’s integrated with IFTTT will also work.
  • Choose your Action. Actions available will vary depending on the lights you use, but with Hue, you can have the lights turn on, change color, blink and more.

Keep in mind that you can also create Applets for smart plugs. Lamps plugged into a D-Link, WeMo or WIFIPLUG smart plug can be connected to your Ring device, and the lamp will turn on when it’s triggered.

Step Six - Sign Into Your Account for Your Lights


Next, you’ll need to sign into the account you created for your lights, so you can connect it to IFTTT and your Ring device.


  • In the IFTTT app, tap “Connect,” and you’ll be sent to your smart device’s Account page.
  • Sign into your smart device account, and you’ll be redirected to the IFTTT app.
  • Select the name of the lights that you want to turn on when you get a Ring notification.
  • Tap Finish.

You’re good to go! Now when you receive an alert from Ring, the lights at your home will also turn on.

For more IFTTT Applets, click here for a list of Ring Applets that can help you get the most out of your device.

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