Understanding Your Ring App's Device Health Page

The “Device Health” tile in the Ring App brings you to a new panel that contains all of the operational information on your Ring device. If something goes wrong, the information and tools on this page will help you solve it.



  • Signal Strength: This tells you how strong the Wi-Fi signal going to your device is.
  • Network Name: The name of the Wi-Fi network your device is attached to.
  • Change Wi-Fi Network: This tool will allow you change the network that your device is attached to. Note that you must be near your device and have your Wi-Fi password handy.

Device Details

  • Last Health Check: This is the last time the information on this screen has been updated.
  • Mac Address: The network location of your device. Ring Community Support may ask you for this while troubleshooting. If you ever have to do anything complicated, like assign a static IP to your Floodlight Cam, or open a port in your firewall you’ll need the Mac Address for that.
  • Firmware: This lists the version of your Ring device’s software. Your device will automatically update when new versions of the software are released.


  • Test Your Wi-Fi: This leads to an online bandwidth test that will let you know the upload and download speeds of your Wi-Fi network. Note that this tool will close your Ring app and open up your Web browser.
  • Troubleshoot Notifications: This will take you to an article detailing how to solve many of the most common problem with your in-app notifications.
  • Ring System Status: This control gives you an overview of health of the the entire Ring system. In the unlikely event of an operational failure on our end that negatively affects your Floodlight Cam, you’ll see notice of it here.
  • Device Health Report: In the case of an issue with your device, this will open a help  article that can assist you in resolving the issue on your own.
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